Taobao Sequoia Wangzhuan guest website promotion combat processWhy did the nternet Co leave Beijing

the first step: submit your web site at the major search sites

4 traffic. "First stop" has become synonymous with Beijing, an average of one hour commuting commuting time to waste a lot of time on the road.

second step: add links

Abstract: the cost of housing is too high, the cost of human resources is too high, pollution, traffic, the threshold of entrepreneurship and flat technology, Internet Co moved away from Beijing reasons.

in terms of my simple qualifications, summed up a few such. But everyone is learning from each other so as to make progress. Methods are summed up a little bit of people, I hope in the near future, we can find their original

1999, the 35 year old "North drift" Young Ma tired of high rent and frustrated Beijing "ant" life, returned to his hometown of Hangzhou business. In 2013, more and more Internet Co managers and young entrepreneurs decided to leave Beijing and go to second tier cities to make the Internet more of a choice, for business and for life. Recently the Cheng Ling Feng cloud technology report after the evacuation of Beijing Chengdu home fun network news sparked heated debate in the circle.

online shopping now gradually become a trend, then there are a lot of people to join Taobao off this line, how to make the site in front of bustling themselves, are really too important for the guest. The following is my summary of the website promotion method, we can learn from each other, each one airs his own views.

3, Zhuhai. The environment is beautiful and the house price is cheap. It is the birthplace of Internet Co of golden hill generation, still have the outstanding mobile phone such as Meizu now Hard Suits Inc, poineering work >

is very simple, ah, how much links are related to the popularity of the site. When the first step is done, the project can be carried out. Here, I want to emphasize that, is PR, this is of course, in order to your website popularity is high, you have to choose PR low site, but there may be PR high willing to do links with you, that’s not better.

2, Xiamen. Itself is the most sought after tour of petty bourgeoisie. This year has become the mobile Internet business land, out of Meitu Xiu Xiu and other excellent companies. Cai Wensheng, a local investor in Xiamen, is also trying to turn Xiamen into a hot spot for mobile internet.

is a very important point in your work, to find some well-known Web site promotion, don’t forget to add links to your web site, the others think you this article is good, when need to reprint, and increase your chain, this way is not to kill two birds with one stone, not many the necessary trouble, very useful.

where to start:

1, Chengdu. The beautiful environment, the talents transported by many colleges and universities and the financial support from the government are expected to make Chengdu’s domestic start-ups the best place to stay. Other benefits are: beauty, food, house prices.

2 human resource cost is too high. Since January 1, 2013, the minimum wage standard in Beijing has been adjusted to 1400 yuan, an increase of 11.1%. This is just a microcosm of the rising cost of manpower in Beijing. In the place where a large number of Internet Co gathered, the birth of new ventures and the expansion of new business are being carried out every day. The ample opportunities and frequent changes also lead to the scarcity of high-level talents.

5 mobile Internet new trends bring lower threshold and flat technology, so that Beijing is no longer a traditional Internet talent and technology heights.

why did the Internet Co leave Beijing?

updates constantly, it can increase the number of visits, and the number of engines will increase accordingly. The reason is simple, if your website is always the old content, people always have curiosity, after reading on the tired. Included in the number is very important, well-known websites include your pages more, it means that more people can be included in the search to your site, the amount of visits will naturally increase.

updates to the site also requires a certain skill, not just confined to the one or two papers, written content should include keywords, so that it is easy to be found, of course, since the role of promotional website is, it should mainly focus on the theme of writing.

1 housing costs are too high. Data from Dead Leung Ban show that in the fourth quarter of 2012, Beijing office rents for 295.50 yuan per square metre per month, up 6.45% higher than the first quarter. And in 2012, Beijing new commodity housing transaction price 20 thousand and 700 yuan / square meter, second-hand housing transaction price 18 thousand and 700 yuan / square meter, up 5.1%.

third step: keep updating the website

3 pollution. 2012, fog and haze in Beijing reached 124 days. This means that 1/3 of the year in Beijing is shrouded in hazy air. In this environment, everyone is a personal vacuum cleaner.

some guest will ask, all day writing, which have so many original? Sometimes not write also, also for reference. This kind of work can only be called "pseudo original", the effect is not original, but it is better than the copied article.

after the completion of the site, one thing to do is to submit yourself to the search engine, which can really increase the popularity of the site. sh419 has the most comprehensive login portal, you can go to see, to constantly update, to have users can search, and then you can wait for the search engine included. One thing is important. I almost forgot. Don’t use the iframe tag on the page. The reason is simple. Spiders don’t like it very much. Related reading: detailed process of site building

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