Taobao day to earn hundreds of experience share mentality chapterDo not let the non moral behavior o

this is a lack of moral responsibility for the promotion work.

network is infinite, the network created many popular industries, Wangzhuan industry is one of them. Compared with foreign Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, domestic industry started late, but this year the development like a raging fire. From the day of sh419 search and index Related words such as "Wangzhuan the Internet at home can make money", "network marketing" and other words, index showed a stable and gradually rising trend. Coupled with the Internet to earn profits of the industry, the rise of the forum, your blog, to promote the further development of Yi Wangzhuan industry. In this situation, more and more people dream of doing a great job on the internet.

I is a rookie, today to share Taobao customer mentality, forget the master mouth under.

2. simple

I am a person groping, now feel tired, and stable income is not happy at all, because this way I have no friends, no friends can discuss various methods for flow, I feel very uncomfortable. I started 2 months ago decided to change, to know people know a lot of master through the exchange, but the master most is not willing to take the way to teach you, but even so I have been very happy, because they know that understanding their vision is too narrow, but also open a lot of ideas. Recently, some things have been half a month, many chores, made me feel very upset. And for a long time, no communication with people, I feel that I have lost my train of thought. Suddenly think of I have been the most inconsistent Q group, it is better to build a group group!

Wangzhuan training stage, standing a few

this is only from that school, this is the reverse thinking, and then go to the first positioning method, such as Taobao, you want to others if you want to do to buy this product? What problems will be in sh419 * *, will ask what problems you see are list in the form will not be disgusted. In this way, we can find ways and improve the success rate.

4. experiment


don’t know Wangzhuan pioneer seduce mode, is discovered by the Wangzhuan master. Money thinking mode is very good, the starting point is very simple, just to achieve the network to make money. Therefore, many popular forums, blogs, sh419 know, Tianya and other places of great flow, are everywhere "seduce" phenomenon. To be sure, Wangzhuan seduction is a trump card, absolutely do dating CPA, cattle point person can earn 300 yuan or even higher. However, this kind of "touch ball" seduction mode can not be hurt, and mobile is blocked, blog, forum, ID and so on. And this kind of "seduce" behavior, of course, can bring benefits to the owners, but may also bury the curse: on the one hand, we seem to have become the main force to promote "pornography related undertakings" development. Although these dating websites are called dating, they are full of naked chat scenes and violate laws and regulations. On the other hand, although the individual owners do is promotion, actually a fire feeling, the law does not expressly prohibit the promotion of these sites, but often in the river walk, will eventually wet shoes. It is possible that we are poisoned. It is possible that while we make money, we also poison others, especially minors.

but there are all sorts of scale disease current Wangzhuan Wangzhuan industry, online training, seduce, deceiving Wangzhuan unscrupulous money typing ads…… Let many novice repeatedly deceived. Coupled with no explicit legal constraints, the industry becomes more and more vulgar Wangzhuan, lack of moral responsibility, is not responsible for this behavior may tarnish the Wangzhuan market. To some extent, personal webmaster Wangzhuan, need to first oneself is people.

5. exchange


any profiteering industry, there will be someone scrambling to do it. Wangzhuan training, itself is a very lucrative industry. Two years from the Wangzhuan training team development, team play worthless, but in fact can make members earn consistent with his few ads. You can try to understand some Wangzhuan forum, the development is not too much the Wangzhuan training team? However, the real money, of course, is a lecturer, earn money there is the experience of the students, not to make.

diagram 2

Taobao guest must adhere to, because Taobao passenger revenue has lagged behind, according to the customer after receipt of the goods to show income, sometimes all your traffic is very high, but the income is not, generally 7-15 days to push back the income.

Wangzhuan seduce, walking behavior, should strike beam

, look at the picture first. Look at the last 10 days of April, the last 10 days if the guest should know these days do not know which is a problem, too many commissions than usual shrink, pitiful.

diagram 1

Taobao guest method of groping, a novice from 0 start, must go through many experiments, do anything is like this, segmentation implementation, stage effect. One way, you can experiment first, if feasible, increase investment, whether for bidding or after marketing products advertising is this principle.

3. positioning

from April 11th to 20 is relatively stable, more representative:

, that’s what you learned from Wang Tong. Anything you have to think about him is simple. When you think he’s simple, he’s simple, and if you think it’s hard, it’s hard for so long. What I do now, when I am exposed to new things, often implies myself.

1. insists on

OK begins sharing experiences. The actual method is simple, mainly psychological sharing.


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