Site less than 6 months shlf1314 Advertising can also apply toElectronic resume production platform

in the application of shlf1314 Advertising before heard shlf1314 Advertising to site to 6 months to apply to oneself in the station for a month to try to apply, I sent a mail to say not 6 months by.

this application I actual site time was 4 months, for the time you can check my name before the name of others is not used, the 6 is my number, I think the reasons for the success of this application may have 2 there is a PR value, PR value is a kind of weight shlf1314 launched its own value, shlf1314 is a recognition of your website, then I think it is friendly friendly, personal contact with some foreign companies, they think you show them friendly is very important, this is ta friendly search help.


above is only Dudu personal opinion, if there is any mistake, please advise.

contact 597998529

was applied for the Ali Mama advertising, a result of greed, it took more than 2 months have been blocked, fortunately I built 2 sites together which account for all, a website on half a month on advertising, recently updated PR shlf1314 the value of my new sites have PR value, this time only to shlf1314 ads for 2 months did not do not know can apply to not, so he prepared to re apply, do some preparation before application, in accordance with the shlf1314 administrator tools can be used as far as possible on the site with a. And the search is also placed on the front page, all ready to re apply, apply for good after he ran out to play second days, a look back to the mail, speed is very fast, ha ha, quickly set advertising, do this Just wait for the check.

user login Pathbrite can directly create resume file Portfolios, from the local upload, or by adding link or embed code into the audio, video, pictures and other multimedia files, you can also add comments to the media. Pathbrite electronic resume, all content in the current popular waterfall flow mode display, the style is somewhat similar to Microsoft’s Metro, very beautiful and generous.


users can create multiple copies of your resume for your files in Pathbrite, to show the different categories of experience, on the left side of each resume can add some text, you can also add mail, telephone, social standing and other contact information. Every electronic file will have an independent address after it is released. Users can share files directly in social media such as Facebook or send it directly by mail or other means.

‘s resume looks like a small idea, but Pathbrite has done it very well and has now raised $8 million in total. Pathbrite now has 100 well-known universities to achieve cooperation, free and open to the teacher, and receive $10 per month fee for the use of students Pathbrite users, allowing them to better show themselves, complete the tasks and various applications, and find a better job.

venture company Pathbrite provides a special resume service to the public, from the general text or resume only a few pictures, users can Pathbrite make your resume will be integrated into the social network and multimedia, can more three-dimensional and visual display of self. After obtaining the A round of financing from Rethink Education for $2 million 500 thousand in June last year, Pathbrite announced today that it obtained from well-known occupation planning firm ACT for $4 million A2 round of financing in financing.


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