sh419 PPC new rulesJiuding Cool fast network advertising will be suspended


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Dear customer hello!

A, the first page of PPC default display from the original "four mode" to "ten mode"; some words still maintain "four mode"

two, second page ranking results display search results on the right side of the page, the page title, description of words will be adjusted accordingly;

three, other PPC rules do not adjust temporarily.

four, after this adjustment, the majority of enterprise customers search results will show more effective, sh419 search users click on the search will be more targeted, so potential users can make the enterprise gain more valuable access, get better promotion effect.

if you have any problems, you can always call sh419 PPC service hotline: 010-82618800 inquiry.

, everybody:

cool fast recovery after delivery such as advertising network, will be the first time to notice to inform you!

      August 30th, fanchon will suspend advertising cool fast delivery, since the beginning of August 30th is not charging. Please timely cancel cool Xun network code, so as to avoid unnecessary losses, we temporarily switch to PI film network advertising.

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