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since July, in the webmaster online saw a "I in the wisdom of China’s bitter experience" after, I to ×, × China such station is quite rejected. So, for the first time, I was fooled into pushing new China, and I thought it was a copy of the wisdom of china. Then see a "site" eight points in the webmaster online, write well, the author is the source of the people, so enter the URL, I did not expect that the new push China. So I registered a ID: push new China, originally thought will be deleted, the result is nothing, but who knows not send the post. I sent a message to people, he replied to my reason is to limit advertising. I said you flow here, but three, four hundred, who will come here to advertise, but did not say exports?. According to his request, must be promoted 100 IP, can upgrade post. I didn’t do that. Anyway, the articles inside can be looked at casually.

launched a national general network revenue training, free to join, do is shlf1314, training each $100 so far, the prerequisite is to help promote the 500 IP. I see, remember that "I Chinese in wisdom of the bitter experience" in the situation of the victims, and the fox does not hide the tail, so I intend to personally reveal his scam, to extend the 500IP, about 2 weeks into the training group. One hundred people group at that time, according to his tips from the group in the course of a download, it is shlf1314, through the address he gave to register an account, and then hang chat room writing method, do apply shlf1314 code flow on the blog. To my surprise, when I checked my account a week later, I received $10 in income. I couldn’t believe it. Later, I asked my classmates in the dormitory to help me. I didn’t find any problems. So I gave them the information, and in one month my income was $60, and the income of the others was close to $30. Then I add no , he didn’t pass the test, then sent him to the news station, I introduce him back, tell me some details on , after 12 o’clock in the evening to hang, such income will be $50 higher, after the submission of PIN code. I thought he would say how to cheat and so on, but nothing else was said. Isn’t he cheating? What’s good about giving us free training, just for the sake of 500IP traffic? My classmates and I think it’s impossible, but we never know why he did it. Later, more and more people joined the group, and then it was full. This shows that someone must have earned it, so I asked the other friends, and one of them said he had received the check. I suspect it might be a question, so I ask a few more, and the other answer is almost 100 dollars.

because our school has a power failure at night, we can’t hang after 12. We haven’t done any training anyway


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