Commonly used ASP scripting program highlights suitable for beginnersOnline money should have the qu

2, be peaceful. There must be a peace of mind, the online advertising company so much, there will be a liar, you have worked hard for one or two months, the results of what has not been; it also have to Chinese discrimination, you made a mistake by K delete account, oh, I K was once cast to waste $more than 30. So, a lot of misfortune should be calm and calm to face, you have to think about it, anyway, you have nothing, most of the loss of some effort and time.

1., ASP and Access database connection:


*.mdb}; uid=admin; dbq=" pwd= database password; & mdbfile


a recordset object:

3, stick to it. Wangzhuan is a long process, do not be impatient, I just do Wangzhuan when do 6 mail, made 5 days, on the impatient. Feel the loss outweighs the gain, so angrily account cancelled all. Now think about it, really ignorant, a little trouble, let me shrink. Now I only mail company do about 50, ha ha, every day with 1.5 hours treatment letterhead, our bank, you also have no problem of course, do not have to do so much, according to the personal time reasonable planning. Since I am a senior, I have a lot of time, so I’m crazy about doing it.

do a Wangzhuan, should have the following qualities. 1, be able to endure. Can accept short weeks, more than a few months to collect money in many just do Wangzhuan at first the people are very depressed, Americans are not a fool, he wished you do give up half way, so he get sponsors of the CPC, and do not pay your fee.

5, study. Wangzhuan knowledge said deep, even if you are a novice, what also do not understand, after the instruction can within half an hour immediately earned a few cents; learning Wangzhuan shallow and not shallow, look at those earning $1000 people, I think they will never make the same day and ordinary friends, and point and point. Therefore, as we continue to explore and understand deeply, Wangzhuan, looking for clear inside the law and technology, continuous learning, we will have no small success. Of course, the improvement of English reading ability is also a great achievement.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

4, be sober. Just keep your head clear and clear your mind. Classify the disorganized company, letterhead, and user data registered by each company. Register one at every register. Let me see. I have registered nearly 100 advertising agencies, including mail, registration, surfing, dating, and investing…… The user name, password, and advertising links and other important information about each web site will definitely go crazy if I don’t sort it out.

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