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thinking is that, in this era, we are in what kind of content, what kind of point, can stick to a number of readers, is actually doing a very simple thing. For example, Tian Zong, their generation of entrepreneurs is a sense of history, and now 80, 90 people interviewed him, may feel a sense of history is not enough. This group of people, including Yanqing, many people have such a sense of history, but the vast majority of people in management. Just a little vacant at this point, so there are a number of fields like total this class of business leaders, they think we need depth to talk and talk about, but not so simple, we may have some position at this point. Do nanfengchuang for 14 years, so there are some thoughts on politics and economy, so there is some independent investigation, do some things in our ideological management, know the bottom line and the category, you can do something.

entrepreneurship is based on the direction of entrepreneurship, you can say that the direction is one, the other is zero. Only with the first one, the following zero makes sense and becomes a huge number. It is only when you find the right direction and then the effort is meaningful. But the reason is very simple, each new webmaster will think so, but the direction of development is not easy to find. In fact, to find a good direction, not without signs to follow, there are two main lines can help entrepreneurs find the direction. Is a popular direction: as long as the charge of the treasure, will be able to ask for the moon. For example, weight loss has been a big flow, girls want to lose weight, it is inevitable that quick success and instant gain, so in the weight loss industry, health, weight loss has been a very unpopular topic. But science has also proved that if you want to take into account health, the pace of weight loss is absolutely impossible. But in recent years, with the development of economy, people pay more and more attention to life, and the degree of keeping warm is steadily rising. The promising trend is characterized by fewer supporters, but stability and development, but there is no breakthrough at present. As long as you can identify the unpopular direction, it is definitely a good opportunity to jump carp Longmen. Two is a large stream of by-products: the giant’s shoulders are particularly beautiful scenery. For example, online shopping is a big stream, but competition with Taobao is very unwise. Specializing in brand-name discount is the only product of a typical case, the same sales, the only product on the brand-name products specifically discounted. Although Taobao also sells famous brand, but the scope of Taobao is too big, these minor details are difficult to take into account, and this gives the only product development space. The so-called good tree under the shade, that is the reason, some of the big things have been done by the big site, leaving some minor details, you can make up by independent entrepreneurs.

venture essence: one minute on the stage takes ten years of

SEO entrepreneurship, presumably every webmaster heard such words are blood boiling. Yes, SEO industry is also a shopping mall, entrepreneurship is a war without smoke of gunpowder. If you want to succeed, you should be able to capture the strategic heights of the SEO industry, and then consider how to get a greater influence territory. Especially for small cost independent entrepreneurs, SEO entrepreneurship is not simple, it is very complex. It’s very hard to face a lot of complicated work. If I am afraid unavoidably, even if there is SEOER cannot be gotten around to superhuman powers. Therefore, in the SEO field, seize the key, occupy the strategic heights, winning is the only proper course to take the enemy.

guests include: Qin Shuo, President of Phoenix Network Li Ya, Wan Tian Yi CEO Fan Jun, 36 krypton founder Liu Chengcheng, hero mutual entertainment, CEO should book ridge, Luo Ji Thinking co-founder Wu wu.

is the Yabuli Forum on the theme of discussion, more content, in the removal of key to share with you.

The core of


anchor: everyone from their own perspective, can you share what you do at present business models or contents of the products, then you think what is the solution to the business model? What kind of pain point

entrepreneurship is a process, sometimes it seems that once famous, the actual sweat paid countless. Recall the childhood dream, is not what suddenly found himself did not do it? At that time, everything is possible, but later I slowly forget this dream. But now for the new Adsense, everything is still unknown, everything is possible. This time >

we are also concerned about a lot of public numbers, found a lot of missing, and some are not updated, and a look at what is contrary to the provisions of no, these are in fact our creative content is a great risk.

host: when Qin started his business, you must have thought of the sustainable and business models of the future, so you have to say something about the business model.


Qin Shuo: I left the job for 25 years at the age of 48. I used to be a manager, and I wanted to go back to the creative point of view. When we do the platform, we also find that there are few good works. I wonder if I can write from an article. Maybe it’s because you focus on one thing, you have a certain scale, and the quality of the user is relatively high.

Qin Shuo: today this era from the perspective of media is a social media, from the perspective of social media has become a social, political, financial media media, the media is the core content and information, this is our most important part in life. All of your decisions are related to this, so there’s a lot of quick consistency that can be achieved in 2015, when asset swings are done within a year. Also because there are 24 hours of non-stop live entertainment stars. Tmall double eleven already so high position, how can that still increase again, really increased again, because it is with entertainment and content related together. Like micro-blog is also very typical, today produced 117> from the media

entrepreneurship STEP ONE: the direction is one, and the others are zero

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