Beijing Shanghai Dragon what is the beauty of Shanghai dragon

layout to consider the user, 20% to cater to the search engine, the first person’s time is limited, enter into your website, let them in the most speed time to solve the problem, find the demand point. Access to the site will have a theme, for too much, will get more less, a theme has the power to constantly improve the industry information and data. So there must be a clear theme, to identify a theme behind to expand, sincere to service for the user, forget the so-called Shanghai dragon white hat and black hat, this is your site is shown really.

Shanghai dragon in the "true", a good layout, clear theme.

Shanghai dragon in "good", it points out that the point is good, the content and the chain.

people are struggling to pursue beauty, extends to the webmaster circle, narrow category to the Shanghai dragon, the vision is good, what is the beauty of the man said, the beauty of "true" is to ask people to be honest, not fake, but not deliberately not good. The beauty of "good" is to ask the people with good deeds, have a heart is very important, but also do good to say. The beauty of "beauty", we often say that the beauty of the mind, not outside is very beautiful, but inside out beauty haunting. The Shanghai dragon with what relationship, the author is talking about the beauty of Shanghai dragon, from these three words to expand our knowledge of the sound of Shanghai dragon which refers to some.

Shanghai dragon in "beauty", refers to the sporadic, and.

from point not to want you to go to the external packaging and no inner things, is the unity of knowledge, in the absence of external influence, natural beauty, this beauty should have the "truth" and "beauty" has only qualified. When obtaining some meet others in your website, it will be on your website to get more love, longing for something on your site. In order to get happiness. This is the website you send out the beauty.

if the starting point is good, do not have to pay a return, but you do not pay no return in fact, so we do not the content of the website, personalized, not endless to update, to solve the problem of the basic mentality to update the site, so there is no original and pseudo original, because the customer is no matter you is the original or false original, giving them the most wanted that you are God, not for the task, but also not to update and update, do really basic things, what it takes to is the truth, don’t the chain machine gun in another plane, do they can control and use the bicycle too fast can touch people, vehicles driving too fast will hurt, driving too fast will be dead, no matter how good you get, how much card, first consider others, That is your website has shown good.

The 80%

this month, I most care about is your own blog, every day at least two to three times site.

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