Modify the Title Description brought serious consequences


is a formal revision in the evening of 19 22:00 or so, after modification, the author went to sleep, the second day early in the morning to wake up to see what the parameters, and found no big change, I did not mind, feel in love in Shanghai may need to update, there will be change.


I began to nervous, because based on past experience, it is 0 and lovelessness Shanghai snapshot, basically concluded that the site was thrown into the black list of love Shanghai, and if you want to come out, and then from the list in either time or difficulty as can be imagined, energy is not allowed. But last night about 22:20 The path winds along mountain ridges., about the website included miraculously in the recovery process, as of now, before has been restored to 80%, as shown in figure


the two day, nothing else, a modification to the site to 贵族宝贝bbs.itui8贵族宝贝title, the website to get better rankings and included snapshot, and other content.

router settings (贵族宝贝45fan贵族宝贝/a/luyou/534.html), reproduced the need to indicate the source of

lovelessness snapshotThis


yesterday evening, found that included direct 0, Shanghai also showed "loveless love snapshot snapshot of Shanghai", as shown in figure

summary: through this experience, I feel the title information in the case cannot but do not modify. Often modify title information, like a store yesterday to sell dog meat, mutton today, tomorrow to sell pork, so, how can you understand the customer business shop in the end what? So is the search engine spiders visit every day different describe the type of website, this website could not determine what is. It will not be able to have a good website, and naturally can not keep up with the included snapshot.


This paper from the original


yesterday morning found love Shanghai on rice network parameters to adjust, the first is included Kuangxiang, composed of more than 300 of the original included directly reduced to 150, about 20 minutes later, directly down to 10, the author is anxious to start, this is a precursor to K station. After all, with the love of Shanghai K station after the 6.28 events, each grassroots webmaster trembled lest problems.

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