How to break the old station ranking fluctuating situation

[Second]: do not abuse the low quality of the chain

is believed to have had some experience of Shanghai dragon Er will have such a feeling: the difficulty of optimization than the old station to station. Although this situation is not absolute, but it is also very reasonable. The problem lies in the optimization of the old station is difficult to stabilize ranking, ups and downs is very troublesome. I also encountered these old station, I summarize a reason for the old station ranking from the ups and downs of excessive optimization.


Shanghai dragon must learn to control the optimization efforts, don’t be too utilitarian, and excessive optimization in order to improve the rankings, this will only make our web site sooner or later perish, but also hope that Shanghai dragon Er met the old station ranking instability >

the answer: we have no control outside the chain, the chain out is unable to delete and change, we have to do is in the days after the construction of the chain, and continuously improve the quality of the chain, how to do share type, natural type outside the chain of high quality, even if it is only two or three high quality chain one day or one day send one hundred spam chain.

, it is not too late for love, Shanghai spiders crawling the number of the same article must be more than once, so we can anchor paper removed previous have been added over the original love of spiders in Shanghai for our improvement of bad impression, which also allows us to optimize the excessive, ranking instability the problem solved.


which is likely to cause excessive optimization because some old station took over before they have no professional staff dedicated to the optimization optimization, and the optimization of these non professional staff only understand that a few Shanghai Longfeng theorem casually use, leading to excessive website optimization, website ranking also produced after the period of instability condition. What are we supposed to break this situation, the author to discuss with everybody.

How to solve the

anchor text is an effective and rapid promotion of a key means and tools, but excessive use will lead to love Shanghai on the website of the suspicion, and may determine the site in excessive optimization. I took an old station is a typical example of

can see, there a lot of garbage has nothing to do with the site outside the chain of the site, the chain in the course of time, resulting in Many a little make a mickle., serious negative effects on the website ranking and overall development, also led to the ranking ups and downs.

[first]: not excessive use of anchor text

##?Answer: it is called the because of the abuse of the anchor text:How to solve the

chain is always one of the elements of a Shanghai dragon cannot do without, but the chain is also a double-edged sword, good use can improve website ranking, use well will cause the website ranking and even drop right or K stand. I also found that the old station to take over their own, in addition to the abuse of the anchor text over optimization, the chain is too extreme, please see below:

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