2013 love Shanghai period adhere to the stability and let you out of the study period

now many new sites in Shanghai were included after submitted love can quickly be loved in Shanghai included, but later included is facing a specific situation, no matter how hard that is the site included and rankings are not, in the face of this situation, I tell you: your site may have entered Shanghai on love in 2013, in Shanghai, love the time longer than in 2012, the study of the more stringent requirements. Faced with this situation, how can the ordinary webmaster out of love of Shanghai

, many webmaster in website on-line get dizzy with success, it is this mentality caused a website title and keywords is unreasonable, the website optimization steps move too fast, in this case you want to get out of the site is very difficult, so we must do the highly stable website during the sea love study, the following mainly talk about the three point:

1, adhere to the update, before the new website is best prepared dozens of articles every day to update the article, then write a little, if there is something to do will take out their own inventory, so as to ensure the new website is not the lack of on-line in a few months, not to appear three days fishing two the days of the net, as long in the site’s ranking and operation are bad.


analysis, analysis of website development is the first priority, no matter what type of website must do the work of data analysis, data research, this work is the core work of website development, based on the analysis and research of data to be able to do the work site, and the leak filled the website, found that web site errors are corrected, to ensure the long-term development and operation of the site.

During the visit Shanghai

love to remember: adhere to update, insist on the chain, adhere to the analysis of

1, stable host, host based website development, the host is not stable effect on the site is very large, we in the website "

3, adhere to the

2, insist on the chain, with the improvement of love Shanghai algorithm, a part of the webmaster foreign chain have appeared not to believe the attitude, in fact, the role of the chain to a site is very large, adhere to the 5-10 chain every day, insist for a long time can not only improve the spider crawling rate, but also can effectively to improve the universality of a website, so as to promote the long-term development of the site.

owners will make a mistake during the investigation in Shanghai love, that is often updated to two weeks after the discovery of the site included and ranking does not improve the abandoned site operators, this approach is wrong. With the extension of love Shanghai study time, we should also improve their requirements in the process of the website operation, from the former railway station soon ranking to present slow rankings, this is a process, in this process no matter what type of website must reach three points:

love to remember: stable and stable host program, stable optimization

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