Analysis of reasons the site is not included and Solutions

pages and columns are not included with home related problems, I hope everyone can learn.


3. over optimization, cheating.

space is not stable not included in the content page

1. space if unstable best for a stable space or server, don’t get down on the search engine spiders are not friendly. Like you happy to go a beautiful home, every time do you eat, but you in recent days, from time to time you shut the door, don’t let you eat delicious. Similarly, the search engine spiders is the same.


content can not appear in Shanghai dragon common sense most basic error.


3. if the site was K, so be careful to see the situation clearly Zaizhi. No cheating.

The increase of

2. spider crawling records. The danger, you may need the big knife on the site, because the columns are no spider web structure is certainly a problem. The method of increase home column page entrance, do content page column page keyword anchor link, how to do the chain, seduce spider crawling.

relevant articles within the pages of voting link

search engine is a transition period for new sites, so you don’t worry, generally one or two weeks will fix. But during this period you don’t what can not do, this is not very friendly, go to the search engine submission page, you need to go to the Museum of global webmaster forums some high quality of the chain to seduce spider. Or give an example, if you are a beauty, you shut yourself in your room, no one will know.

is not the original content acquisition, to the benefit of users the best

The reason is not included in the

, a home is not included (there are three reasons)

two, column page is not included, snapshots of slow

2. new

love Shanghai not included can be submitted directly to the URL, the processing speed can also love Shanghai.


1. spider crawling frequently, is not included, or the snapshot is not updated. There are two reasons, either under this section of the articles are collected, there is no content value, then your primary task is to do some high quality of the original article, which included the rushing you up.

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