What you have to pay attention to the optimization of Shanghai dragon seven elements

Analysis of


for the website keywords, every webmaster friends should be very familiar with, the key is to describe a simple and comprehensive web site, web site keywords analysis is also called keywords positioning. Keywords site analysis is Shanghai dragon optimization one of the most important ring. Keywords analysis of the first thing to do is according to their own situation to analyze and determine the keywords to be set, for example you are doing sports website keywords that you take must maintain consistency and their own website. In addition, to analysis the key words of competition, as for the analysis of keywords competition degree, we can be achieved through the related webmaster tools, such as love for website search tool. After analyzing the keywords competition degree, the last is set keywords, keywords set to pay close attention to density, do not appear keyword stuffing phenomenon, this phenomenon is not very friendly to Shanghai, phoenix. In addition, you should also have a certain effect on the prediction of keyword set, this is the most comprehensive and most scientific.

website architecture will directly affect the search engine crawlers preferences, a good website framework facilitates the crawler crawling for content, conversely a bad website frame will affect the content of the site for crawler crawling, this is not conducive to the Shanghai dragon. So what kind of website architecture is to search engine is friendly? Generally speaking, through the realization of Web site navigation and directory tree structure, link optimization means we can build a search engine like site architecture, and search engine love, and ultimately flow accumulation.

search engine

1, web site keywords

3, do website directory and page optimization

many people may ask: why do you want to set up a website directory and page optimization do? This is actually very simple, we want the result is not only included in the search engine website, home is not just trying to get a good ranking, we hope that on the basis of this included more pages, more rankings, so that we can get more traffic, in order to achieve our goal. So, do the site directory and page optimization is very necessary.

Shanghai dragon is a search engine optimization means, through Shanghai Dragon technology, we can bring considerable traffic to the site. So, how to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng talent? What matters should be paid attention to in the process of optimizing Shanghai dragon? These problems, is every webmaster are concerned about. In view of this, the author will talk about in this article about some of the experience of Shanghai dragon, I hope to help you. Shanghai dragon, the most important is to insist on. Specifically, Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to the following aspects:

2, website structure analysis

4, the regularity of the publication and the reasonable arrangement of

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