The station optimization tutorial series two website of the head and the bottom of the optimization

3. website optimization. Many webmaster in the description of stackable keywords, that can improve the site’s ranking, in fact description is a summary of the whole content can function as a website, the purpose is to let the user know the search results on the site is what to do, what sort of services. Basically what no use for ranking. So, suggest webmaster do website description, don’t think of it as a tool can improve the ranking. The general content summary description on the website is more appropriate.

4.LOGO tag optimization. All the LOGO of the site will bring the hyperlinks, and for a part of the site while > LOGO

The description tag

1. Title optimization. For the title webmaster all know, the most important keywords is placed in the front, because the spider crawling website is from the top to the spider crawling, the theme of the website is based on the judgment appeared in the first words. But the Title Optimization refused to stack keywords, as a pile of harm webmaster can search to the net.

optimization plan for the head is the most important station optimization, because if you want to know the website ranking more forward, not only need the high quality of the chain support, but also to the front in front of the site keywords. The head generally includes the title, Keywords tag, description tag, LOGO tag, as the main page, add to favorites such as label. So, for the head of the optimization is in place, whether it will affect the site’s ranking will continue to move forward. Let’s talk about the several head optimization scheme:

gave us "in front of the station optimization tutorial series: navigation and structure optimization" and "station optimization tutorial series two: URL and site map optimization" two courses, "said today third class station optimization tutorial series two: Website Optimization of the head and the bottom". The basic purpose is to optimize the station in order to improve the site’s ranking to the website, relatively speaking this is the most main purpose of webmaster optimization, after all, if the website ranking before, could not get a lot of traffic from the search engine, and for site operations, improve the popularity of the website, the website to create a unique brand is difficult it is difficult to. Anyway, most of the webmaster website optimization is attached to the station optimization in particular, and ignore the basic optimization in the station, in fact the most basic is to improve the user experience on the site of the internal optimization. Therefore, the owners should be placed in the station optimization and stood outside the optimization of the same height, only the two complement each other can be achieved ahead of the competition opportunity. Today I mainly talk about the optimization of the head and bottom optimization optimization:

2. Keywords tag optimization. At present, the degree of attention to the search engine has been very low, some websites are no longer valued Keywords tag, and for the new station in fact there are some benefits, the Keywords tag can improve the keyword density, the key to highlight the website. In fact, this was not written either.

website optimization

The head of

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