Website drop right after how to restore the experience

PR query node level, currently only PR not updated or 0, now only PR update, predicted from the web results, PR is 4, but from now on the ranking of the word speed rushed to the fourth, PR should be the result of the restoration, and PR should not require long it will update the.

website down right after I have lose heart, just change the finished version of the website that will be getting better and better, did not expect the website is not good, but right down worse, and since PR dropped to 0, before the exchange Links a lot because my PR 0 canceled my Links. Find yourself Links others because you have no right to be reduced and PR are rejected, a website into a vicious development, update time is also included and not seen better, write to GG also did not see the response and change, with many things, site has no effect, then a negative no time to take care of. After several months of management and development of depression, the two month quite free, and get clear to take care of them every day, the first update one to three articles ranging from second to three; hair every day the chain, including forum, blog, or ask Post Bar. Every day for a month, the development of GG has been included in the amount of thousands have recovered, and included a day gone up slowly, but site was not home, probably persist for about 50 days to this Sunday, suddenly found the home out, included the amount has reached 160 thousand of the amount collected. Figure:

website and right down the process, recovery of a few months, some one or two years, here a simple talk about my name from the website revision, right down to the recovery process, in order to understand some experience. Because the website development needs, in May this year, I conducted a re revision of program development and the new interface design of the network name, the website shortly after the serious drop right, included GG decreased from thousands of pieces of only a dozen articles. PR also decreased from PR4 to PR0. It was also home to K, see.

through the lower right to recover, my greatest experience is to adhere to, adhere to the update, especially the new copyright right down, only to update to slowly get the accumulation of weight recovery, my friend of a station, after the revision of a year and a half has not recovered, it cannot follow down the right of confidence then stick to a great relationship. Then add the chain, try to persuade others to find some outside the chain of exchange, not looking for PR0, but the love of Shanghai weight station is good, now to the main flow optimization or love Shanghai. The above are some personal experience and personal weight recovery >

To more than 60

these keywords god named network from more than 100 to 11 the day before yesterday, 9 today, 4.

released from the home page, GG traffic has been greatly increased.

Three days later, Many of my friends have experienced

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