The love of Shanghai rich media advertising platform Media Hong

at the same time, Google is also actively preparing for the work of rich media ads. Adsense Google’s advertising system has been included in the video pay per click advertising service. Advertisers can publish multimedia advertising through Adsense. And in a recent news conference, Google vice president and user experience manager Marissa Mayer had suggested that Google’s search results will include video ads.

rich media ads by Flash or other forms of multimedia technology to show the product information. They are a combination of technology, it is also a characteristic of rich media ads. In a video in the form of advertising, advertising performance will be more abundant, and more easy to attract users to pay attention to our products. Of course, media advertisement, the demand for network bandwidth is certainly higher than that of text image ads. While the current bandwidth level of domestic Internet users now, enough to meet the demand for the bandwidth of rich media ads.


Google and love Shanghai is only two kinds of forms of advertising. I think a better way to love Shanghai, love Shanghai and Google’s rich media ads are targeted, but unlike Google’s love Shanghai will show the user to read the page in rich media >

in the early stage of the Internet, most of the Internet advertising is the use of pictures or text to display the text of this kind of advertising is a simple picture advertising. And the network traffic needs to be small, advertisers and webmasters alike, and we are familiar with the PPC also belong to this type of advertising. It is through a simple text advertising products, as shown below.

we love Shanghai for PPC may be familiar, but actually love Shanghai also owns a rich media advertising platform, that is in love with Hipost media. This platform is love Shanghai integration of advanced Internet technology, make advertisements more vivid and diverse, but also has the ability to accurately analyze the advertising data. It will be based on the search in finding what provide relatively abundant relevant forms of advertising media. Advertising generally shows in the lower right corner of the page. Different from other media advertising, advertising media hung at the base of the window has love Shanghai in the search box, which contains the product brand keywords. We can see that if a visitor clicks on the video window, then there will be advertisers page, if visitors click on the search button, then enter the enterprise brand keyword search results page. The rich media ads into the search results page, not only can bring more advertising revenue, and can bring more traffic to love Shanghai. And when the user clicks the search button to enter the brand keyword search page, that can show more PPC advertising can generate more advertising revenue.


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