What is the Shanghai dragon free training meal or chicken ribs



there is no free lunch, this is to engage in Wangzhuan the truth. Had fought in the network of people do not believe that there is good natural free on the Internet, but the choice of free stuff those newly recruited novice but very persistent. Free tutorials, free e-books, free training, free video and so on, the reason for the novice free stuff so full of enthusiasm is also very easy to understand, after all, to enter the industry access threshold is relatively low, the Shanghai dragon novice is usually no money, no experience, high degree of the "three noes" crowd, in order to reduce the cost of learning can choose a free tutorial. This is why many sell products or to do the training in the beginning will through the promotion of free training to Bo eye.

once, but also on the Internet to see a person said to someone’s Shanghai dragon free training, feeling a lot. I think there really are what are you curious about the people living beings, to listen to a lesson. Finished the course, I will give the training people send a private letter, let him not to engage in this kind of training, he first says the knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng many are wrong, not only can’t help other owners, but also do. Secondly, he uses Shanghai dragon under the guise of free training, at the end of the course to promote his Shanghai dragon software. So, this kind of training and to continue the necessary

this afternoon, my QQ suddenly came a message, content is said "XXX is the Shanghai dragon free training, come join us". For this information, I basically laughed, there is no free lunch, others to engage in this free Shanghai dragon training, certainly has his purpose.

for Shanghai dragon free training, I always have something to say, I feel. I think a lot of China Shanghai dragon Er are very confused, and the lack of basic understanding of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, access threshold is too low, many junior high school graduates, high school graduates have to do Shanghai Longfeng, dream by Shanghai dragon to overnight. To believe a lot of Shanghai Longfeng propaganda and training institutions, spent a lot of money in these tasteless training. In order to attract students, some organizations under the banner of free training to fool the people, simply have no shame. Looking at the domestic network market, Shanghai dragon industry is very bleak, but the Shanghai dragon training institutions but unpopular in Shanghai seems to be in a complete mess, as long as the dragon in the higher training can be equal to anything, if it is true that these training masters why not to make money, but to give us such a cipher

as a trainer, since it is the first free training, it is a public service, can not charge a penny fee, not to sell their own software. In addition, not because it is free of Shanghai dragon training content can make nonsense, but also to be responsible for the audience. Don’t speak no according to the method, to meet some requirements of the content search engine. For >


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