Why not on the site optimization should stop

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technology is the most direct factors, website optimization website at the beginning of 90s, just a few lines of text, by the middle of 90s, there is a table, Flash and CSS, the web designer can design their own desired style, with the emergence of Javascript, navigation drop-down menu also became popular. Mobile is the latest trend, more emphasis on the browsing experience, reduce the navigation, more concrete actions call, need to grasp.

website optimization stagnant, we all understand? The site has a good effect is not easy, so be sure to maintain good oh ~ found love, the best choice for web hosting, professional management team, to solve your menace from the rear.

, 3 competitors in the change of

4, the technology involved in the change of

2, the target audience in the change of

Why can’t the reason for these

5. people need personalized service

must understand what you’re selling, equipment, software, FMCG or electronic products? Because now the product updates very fast, Moore’s law confirms a lot of content, technology change rapidly, more and more low cost, these changes will lead to changes in the way you communicate with customers, change propaganda methods and content, the change of media.

when Shanghai Longfeng optimization to achieve the desired effect even better than expected, it is entering a very mature stage, there are some new Shanghai Longfeng it will hold for a period of time to do other things. In this regard, the search network Xiaobian want to say love, but do not Oh ~ why? Listen to a small say.

website content is to design the who? Young women and middle-aged men and the trend of people? Visitor behavior is what? These will vary with the target audience, after 80 has become the main consumer groups, 90 has become a new force to 00 after laicourenao.

personalization is a relatively popular trend, digital marketers need to provide customized content and marketing activities to cater to the audience, like web content to visitors, the same height and intention, individual behavior to explore need professional tools for analysis and optimization.

, 1 products in the ongoing replacement of

competitor goals, ideas, abilities and strategies will also change over time, competitors will also grow a little attention, may also be more than you, these are the need for vigilance.

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