The figure included only love Shanghai solution without www

love Shanghai address: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=%C1%D6%B3%BE%D6%D0%D1%A7& pn=10& tn=sitehao123


contrast. Without www. Compared with WWW included more than doubled. >

novice friends here may have some doubts, may say that I have never done a 301 redirect, do not know what is 301, here we do not need to feel KB, because understand what 301 is not the key, can simply solve the problem of setting. Here on my website for example: Google grabbing at home after the inside pages continue to show without WWW, Google now has determined not to take the WWW domain name as the preferred domain.

domain name resolution problem in the process of.

a lot of friends in the purchase of the host, domain name, do not need to record directly the corresponding domain name resolves to the host, the parsing process we are generally two domain names are analyzed, namely: www. domain name and DNS domain name. After the latter two without www can enter without www the domain name directly in the user access to the site of success. This process is very simple, after the analysis is not no problem, not the search engines crawl the web along the domain name, which is a process of recognition, is to identify the two analysis we have the domain name which is a preferred domain, we usually encounter the crawl the domain name is not WWW is also the search engine that without the WWW domain name as the main domain of our. Of course, this occurs at the same time, mostly multiple search engines at the same time, the site is Shanghai, I love Google grab without www domain name, of course, some exceptions.

looked at the title of the article is not surprised, yes, yes. About the search engine grab process will encounter many webmaster friends love Shanghai grab without the WWW domain name. Some time ago I did a new station, Lin Chen middle school. It has been found a problem, is the love of Shanghai included not only with a WWW page, see picture.

love Shanghai included: 61


is generally the reason, since the search engine appeared cognitive errors, so if we want to solve this problem, we need to help the search engine to correct cognition, let the search engine that www domain is the domain name that we really want it to grab.

once again encountered such a situation, using some simple ways to solve problems within two days of rapid capture. This paper is only for new friends, master bypass. The following details:

, a domain name with WWW do all 301 redirect

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