Shanghai Longfeng Optimization the design idea and method of operation of the railway station


front, perhaps you also agree that it is the key to the problem. How can we provide different content? You can according to the following method to find the different content of

I have been studying in Shanghai dragon, but without special training, are out of their actual operation. Has a successful operation of the case, the boss gave a new task today I issued. This article is an analysis of ideas, is also a record for the day after the comparison.


three, through the search engine to their website a location

please remember, if your website can provide a useful function to the user, and then the optimization techniques with the technology of. Your site for ranking, it will happen sooner or later. Fear is your website and other websites, not what other. So, your parents, your domain name time nobody anti chain, articles, and other aspects are not good people, you feel that your site into the

you can love Shanghai keywords you want to optimize the input. Then you can observe the return of the ten websites, they provide what function? They are to explain their product features from what aspects? Obviously, if our website or provide such functionality, with them to explain their own products, so will not have a good ranking. We have to use other methods. What do we do? We should be from the actual needs of the user to analysis

home page?

two, how to provide different

website construction of our good, how can we optimize your website? That is, do the anchor text, click on the chain, do the task. That would say, but every day we have how much of the chain? How much a day

four, through the search engine optimization make easy

, in the optimization before giving the user a pretext for

we are classified and analyzed, for our users for example, the boss gave me the task is to do a patent search website. Then we have to analyze the patent query these people. Is he wants to apply for a patent, or look at other people’s patent is valid for

this is the thing very fine. We know what the content provided. Then the structure is to design their own website. I am here to teach you a trick. We can through the comparison between the search engine, and find the site structure of love Shanghai love. We put the key words, we want to optimize the input, love Shanghai, Sogou, soso, 360, if we love Shanghai to do optimization, then find a good ranking on the first page of Shanghai love, and there is no ranking sites in other search engines, so the site structure and layout, navigation and other settings love, is compared with the Shanghai algorithm, this is our own design website

After the content?About the importance of providing different content on the

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