Share six group purchase website promotion method summary

With the continuous upgrading of

is soft in the promotion of various industries is leading the way, not only can bring the soft site outside the chain, high weight can be very effective for the awareness of the site, and reprint >

(3) viral promotion method

(2) group purchase navigation promotion method

is a relatively new group purchase site on the line, that it is best can find some group purchase navigation station to cooperate, although there will be some overhead, but after all is new, there is no fame and rank, not very trustworthy, so it is best to some navigation site submission site, best can consider on the front page so, can be very effective to improve the site’s popularity, and the ranking is also very beneficial.

online shopping, B2C group purchase market is also quite hot, the profit is quite impressive, so now do the webmaster network group purchase is more and more, optimization and promotion method is all sorts of strange things, there are many novice webmaster want to do network group purchase, but did not know how to optimization and promotion, so the author will today and we talk about how to promote the website group purchase.

Small soft Wen promotion method

(1) low promotion method


their product site like a virus spread to various places, promotion method can use general virus mail as the main method of promotion, when others registered as a member of the group purchase site, may be mandatory to allow users to customize product updates mailing list, after the day’s new product line can love the first time to use the mailbox the mode of transmission, allowing users to understand and care about the product, perhaps a product is required by the user, then the user may make a purchase. Of course when you send mail products must ensure that the product information and picture clarity, with the way medicine products on the link address, we must do a good job the details of the work, at least not let users feel tired, so naturally prompts the user Experience.

have 140 words of space, the basic information of general enough simple product promotion, by the way can with some pictures, reasonable use some hot topic, this is the promotion of network group purchase products but has an absolute advantage, but are free publicity, and small face fans but very widely accessible naturally, the propagation speed is very fast, so the network group purchase the webmaster must use something fresh and exciting content to make effective collocation meager promotion, then profits but quite considerable, and low degree of experience and relative conversion rate is very good.

with the development of the Internet age, now is a meager second to none, especially some small Sina, Tencent, Sohu, propaganda that’s quite big, believe that you also have some understanding, I will not say more.

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