The chain do well everything is nonsense

large stations will not call a phenomenon to see, some take a station call, the page appears the product page content. It is easy to cause in the disordered chain. The next article is very important, but suggest that you do, try to match the most appropriate article, must not be arbitrary to add, the influence of the ZhengZhan experience.

error: on a casual

first, choice of guided reading mode. For example: a section begins with the name we introduced the factors that affect the price of XX products, so for different manufacturers, and how to control XXX products rose too fast… This way… The biggest role is to produce continuous click. The effect is more readable than the. The whole system through the way to get a good connection. For the station.

for chain we often do, for the early new website ranking, a lot of people will join in the chain back home. In fact, it is easy to search engine optimization of malicious intent, thereby increasing the length of the observation period of the site. The best solution is a random, showing a natural keyword, then give the word of a link, the effect will be more than each one adds much better.

Core tip:

error two:

Since the

learned Shanghai Longfeng friend, Ken East know within the chain, which is short of anchor text, reflected in the internal site. Which website most forms are displayed and reflected within the chain. From the main keywords to the final article page details, will be properly integrated into some chain. In order to enhance the corresponding channel, with page ranking, so late to get the corresponding weight.

role in the chain is so strong, all the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng staff how to in the construction of the chain, let’s look at the following common practice, whether you have a similar place? (data source on a web site)

website optimization process, the chain is very important, it is the important link of the organic combination of all the scattered, but he also used one of the most important ways through the main keywords. How to build a strong chain, in the process of the whole website optimization, it seems important genwei.

No matter what

error three: deliberately add keywords to chain

This is the

chains in the wrong way, the random right way should appear in the product list page or column page, with not in a large space of the contents of the random call the. Out of order or phenomenon will be confusing.

algorithm.This is the most

so many messy station experience, let me continue to explore reasonable chain: what is the internal value chain and efficient, in the process within the chain to do, what we need extra attention, network wizard Shanghai Longfeng according to their actual experience, summarized as follows:

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