How to optimize the site profitability

every day, write high quality original content, do keywords ranking, the goal is to have a good ranking, bring more flow, bring more customers into traffic. Some time some time traffic flow make a lot of money, the key is that we do not worth a hair, make good use of traffic to profit.

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analysis of reasons of unprofitable website optimization

website optimization, we want a good future profitability, since we do website optimization is to profit, we should first think of a good profit target, through what way to profit. The sales of products and services, or through advertising, or through membership. It must find a good profitable way. We do not blindly, most owners think, website traffic up to be able to make money, in fact, sometimes traffic is not worth a hair, because if you service, others did not believe, now many customers are reluctant to spend money on the Internet.

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2, website optimization profit target is not clear

according to the author’s experience, today the two sides through analysis of website optimization how to profit. Through the analysis of the causes and profitable web site optimization analysis how to profit, I hope this will help some friends. To avoid detours, as soon as possible to earn money.

website optimization threshold is low, it is easy to start, the author thinks otherwise, website optimization knowledge is very deep, it is necessary to understand the simple HTML code, but also to understand the simple procedure, and Website Optimization Website optimization knowledge is knowledge, experience, rather than theory. Now many online a few days Church in Shanghai Longfeng, even a few hours of Church of Shanghai Longfeng, mostly a lot of students fooled, deceived, and now this trend is still increasing. For beginners, Shanghai dragon r a lot of muddy Shanghai Longfeng normal time, some people in order to learn Shanghai Longfeng, very cheap to pick up a list of Shanghai dragon to practice, seriously affected the normal Shanghai dragon market. In fact, this situation of enterprises and the Shanghai dragon R is a loss, the loss of business, although the province a long time cost optimization, but some keyword optimization does not go up, causing the site to drop right, even some keywords simply not up optimization. Influence on Shanghai dragon R, you wasted a lot of time and energy, you may learn a little knowledge, but if you take the time to do other things, perhaps better, so we analyze you for Shanghai dragon in this industry, to really understand, before deciding whether to enter the industry, do not follow suit, like a swarm of bees into that is great for your loss.

1, website optimization competition

website optimization, why should we want to website optimization, the author thinks that the website optimization is to make money, is to profit, do not say what is a personal hobby, do site optimization is to play, even if there is, this is also very little, mostly in order to earn money, rather than spend a lot of time, a lot of energy to the so-called play.

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