How to find the right keywords analysis of foreign trade website development

and MU in the use of the software ALLBABA, which is the data manager tools to further mining, from their own to find the keywords provide more long tail keywords, and the localization of long tail keywords different choice, not only has a certain competitiveness, but also has a long tail keywords for optimization. Of course, at the same time also can use this tool to find the data steward hot key word of an industry, of course you do foreign trade website is the presence of an industry. It also helps to understand foreign webmaster of this industry market.


finally can inquiries, user behavior, and provide interactive page, view the user easy to put forward questions on the site, and then analysis of the keywords in the sales of the products you current heat and the heat of the long tail keywords to analyze data, and choose more in line with the long tail keywords from user search habits, such as to improve the quality of key words effectively, improve the website optimization effect.



then use Alibaba about foreign trade site search drop-down box to find the long tail keywords appropriate, because the Alibaba have search box and love Shanghai search box the same function, when the input a keyword, the drop-down box will display more and input keywords have long tail keywords off, you can choose the right keywords from these keywords optimize.

for the optimization of foreign trade website, in addition to the user experience of the website, the most important is the choice of keywords, because although the optimization object of foreign trade website is Google, looks like cheating is very difficult, so it is actually released to optimize personnel in accordance with difficulty, as long as Google optimization guidelines specified the direction, will be able to improve the ranking of the site, increase site traffic, but if the website keyword selection is not correct, causes the competition too fierce, so even if you spend big strength optimization, are of no avail. So how to choose keywords of foreign trade website

first select a keyword, and then click the key column, then the system will be based on the core keywords, some popular keywords and long tail keywords, and the blue ocean, the love of Shanghai after word tool has the same effect, but this is Google launched after word tools, this is the first step of the optimization of key words.

is not good in recent years, the foreign trade market, but with the Dow Jones index highs, which marks the U.S. economy began to gradually move toward formal means by doing foreign trade website can have a way to make money, but to engage in foreign trade website, which is not only facing the fierce market competition, but also the face of Google the algorithm is more advanced, if does not have certain achievements in the website optimization, only through PPC advertising is clearly not enough, because the brand property website pays more attention to foreign countries, through advertising to win ranking is often to get foreign users sought after, so we should pay more attention to the foreign trade website optimization.

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