Love Shanghai pomegranate upgrade again sidelined trash to the advertising page algorithm

3, the website selling drugs.

2, a variety of "yellow" pop video website.

The so-called

1, vulgar pornographic websites.

After the launch of

love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm should be against this type of website, first of all, the network is illegal for the dissemination of pornographic websites, some website released a large number of vulgar content, low style pictures, text and audio information, to attract users to the so-called yellow journalism, for mobile phone registration fees, caused a lot of trouble, for the user’s mental and property so that love Shanghai this approach is understandable, in order to eliminate the vulgar information network.

from the announcement, we can show that the new algorithm is mainly aimed at the bad love Shanghai advertising to contain a lot of prevent users from the normal browsing page, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page spam page is the representative of the site, then, these sites are mainly contain what

yellow website refers to the sexual life is the main content for adults and the establishment of the website content. Pornographic or erotic websites will involve most adult content unsuitable for children, so in many countries under control. In China’s Internet "to prohibit the dissemination of pornographic and other harmful information and self-discipline norms" criminal law 363rd to 367 requirements: the production, trafficking, dissemination of pornographic material, including the definition of pornographic websites is: "to describe sexual intercourse or explicitly publicize pornographic obscene articles, film, video and audio pictures and other pornographic articles."


generally see selling drugs website, I believe everyone will think of, is the entire page full price, around a circle is the consultation window, when to let you see the touch will be directly to the consultation page. Although it is not respect, because the user experience, and as a user >

vulgar pornographic websites should love Shanghai pomegranate top algorithm against the object, is China’s first Internet dissemination of pornographic and other harmful information is prohibited, but from this point, enough to fall in love with maritime combat origin.

algorithm in Shanghai in May 17, 2013 Scindapsus love love Shanghai, once again launched a upgrade algorithm in the course of the pomegranate pomegranate algorithm, on-line algorithm, let many webmaster have said, what is the meaning of pomegranate algorithm seen from Shanghai? Love not love Shanghai announcement, pomegranate algorithm is the ultimate goal of low quality end page. Stand aside, let the garbage advertising page. The announcement is as follows:

believe that many of my friends are accustomed to watching video, no matter what the platform, will always be suspended in some advertising, although the above is a "closed" window, but often are furnished, as long as one click will enter the bad sites, for many users caused great irritation, especially in love this picture the user will rush to close, but often shut down a will open a.

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