How to improve the site security response to hacker attacks

second: how to prevent the site was hacked

6. to steal information, such attacks aimed at some of the information website includes user fees generally will not damage the attacker website, server and website data, but will quietly steal data according to the existing; such as stealing website administrator passwords.

: what are the reasons for the first website was hacked or attacked

is a large part of which belongs to the economic reasons, but not all attacks are for economic reasons. Generally speaking, the cause of the hacker attacks:

, the first 1.


broilers, to attack a website, hanging on the web Trojan (which can lead to browse the site and make your computer poisoning become an intruder; this kind of chicken) is preparing to attack other reasons, according to the obtained from the Internet security network community case, have this kind of behavior by the hacker had chicken master tens of thousands of taiwan.

2. is driven by commercial interests, hacker attacks, steal all kinds of blackmail and impose exactions on bank account information and virtual property; all kinds of fishing behavior such as aggressive behavior are driven by commercial interests.

5. when cannot handle take revenge, such as web services caused by bad commercial disputes will be hacking; such as a period of time before a Witkey website often suffered inexplicable attack lead to normal service, authorities pointed out that it is because the net station customer service is not in place, without difficulties led to customers hackers who attacked by DDOS and rough, not its own so-called allegedly suffered malicious attack competitors.

1. employed by others, such as commercial competitors malicious competition through hacking attacks; such as the Internet security network reported: hackers employed malicious documents to attack western enterprises, this kind of attack on the part of business competition.

when people hear the word "hacker", feel with hair standing on end hacker attack, but the site, which is almost a common thing in today’s society, the Internet site has always been the surveillance and attack every hour and moment, you often go to see the web log, there is RAR PHP file or request, many it is to explore the user volume, once the site administrator of the backup server, then the RAR file to download, it will cause great losses to the website. Then the construction site to prevent and deal with hackers to improve site security

Hacking ?Of course, ? Collect 4. ?

3. practical joke type, such as tampering with the website home page at random; this kind of hacker attacks are often try to act some novice, more for the sake of a vanity.

7. rookie test type, such as some are general learning hacking techniques practice by attacking the website hackers novice, this type of attack attack experience less likely to cause damage to the website data.

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