Website optimization site keywords analysis

we introduced all the work site on the line before the preparation stage, interested can look at the operation stage, we also said that after the line on the website is very important, today we have the website optimization keywords analysis introduction.

1.1, love Shanghai index. Shanghai love index can give us a very good keywords daily search index analysis, for example we search for "cloud hosting" its index is probably between 500-550, can expand keywords "what is cloud hosting" free cloud hosting "cloud hosting" "cloud hosting" etc..

well after the above steps we need is the site diagnosis and need a simple evaluation, reasonable website target keywords


1.3, competitor analysis site. Basically rely on these two methods can be found in front of our target keywords, but it is not good enough, we can use a method here is the competition website. Search for "cloud hosting" we can see a lot of independent website, the website keyword set we can refer to the choice of keywords they need, general search "5-10 website cloud hosting can be very good to help us choose the target key words.

website, 1 keywords

first, we first need to learn what is the next station keyword analysis refers to the use of more keywords? The size of index to obtain more objective traffic to the site, in the user’s daily search search precision and non precision search ratio of 2:8. Rather than precise search words may not have strong competitiveness of the subject, but in terms of quantity is large website search for preferred traffic, this is the long tail effect. Now I give you detailed introduce how to carry out the analysis of key words.

for the target keywords, we generally have to choose, in addition to their own industry words, we need to choose the popular words according to their company needs to expand. For example, we provide the space cloud hosting products, we must first select the keyword is the cloud host, then we can choose the expansion of keywords is "cloud hosting" "what is the cloud host", "billion" free cloud host "host" and "cloud hosting" etc.. The best selection of target keywords is related to the trade, but also you search more, just because it’s different search habits and different keywords. Here we introduce the method of selecting target keywords:

Select the

1.2, love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search at the bottom. We love Shanghai search "cloud host" can be seen in the drop-down box or at the bottom of Shanghai love to see "free cloud hosting cloud hosting is what" cloud hosting "" cloud hosting and VPS difference "" cloud hosting ranking "cloud hosting trial" etc.. From these we select a 3-5 search keywords do the largest target keywords.

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