The rankings of the best method is really into to go to the user

first talk about the theoretical system, which is what we want to do something for the purpose to what. Everything has its purpose, have the commodity attribute of it! What is the search engine optimization purpose? Is the number? I will not speak of the answer first, for example: ten years ago, we think that the computer is a kind of high-tech equipment, but now we think that computer is a tool. We usually work, entertainment, shopping and even cannot do without computer. Why computer this thing has not changed, and our knowledge of computer knowledge has changed? If ten years ago someone said he wanted to buy clothes online is not to feel he is a psycho? That is a luxury with a computer. Why would the knowledge of computer will change? This world will never change is the ‘change’, because we always love now with the view to change the future of Shanghai dragon, three years ago we think Shanghai dragon is the ranking technique, we send the chain, edit text, ranking on the table. So now you send the chain, write soft article also ranked up? Even if your ranking came up just a short moment, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. If you still reported this attitude to look after three years of development of Shanghai dragon in the future, then you will find Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult. We stand in the height of time to solve the problem of low will feel very simple, the fifth grade to the first grade math will feel very simple, also, if three years ago you know the future of Shanghai dragon is centered on the user experience, then you only need to do user experience your ranking came up. You don’t have a lot of garbage! Send outside the chain, also need not to write the whole useless article, also do not go around China to engage in these things, your ranking will still come up, you will feel this thing Shanghai dragon will be more simple, but three years ago the cognitive people will become increasingly difficult. You can think, five years after the Shanghai dragon is the user experience? Of course not, five years after the foundation of the user experience is Shanghai dragon. For example, a lot of people to my restaurant downstairs, he was near a restaurant, if, after some time around and opened several restaurants, it has a certain competitiveness, that these restaurants are forced to go to do user experience such as today! Complimentary dish, tomorrow comes what activities. When may the spirit of the smile of these restaurants user experience about the same time, the visual sense, the pursuit of the future of the Internet so so!! in the future when the Internet business competition is very intense, when >


search engine is the core algorithm for each search optimization will offend his nerves, because we feel that this algorithm is very complex and elusive, but don’t worry, today I will use plain language, as far as possible without too much jargon to tell you what is the specific concept, why we are now on the Shanghai Dragon understanding is still in the two years ago, and the webmaster push Shanghai dragon happened great change


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