The old station ranking can be stagnant to find out the reasons from two aspects


is not the first to optimize the old station of Shanghai dragon Er, the author consulted the station, found the station optimization of previous work is handed over to a website to do, because the art of Shanghai Longfeng lack of understanding, so no small heart caused excessive site optimization the problem. The most obvious is that almost every article is added several anchor text, as follows:


the vast number of anchor text and then to the early although some positive effects on the website ranking, but this practice continues to develop, more and more love Shanghai offensive, so in the website after a period of time has been reduced to 100 ranks, therefore, to solve this problem, the author made a solution as follows:



first: the old station was over the previous optimization, love Shanghai punishment

second: the old station early pay no attention to optimization of

Shanghai dragon is a work it is a test, in addition to the requirements of this work we need some Shanghai Dragon technology, also need strong execution competence. But most of the time, even with a strong executive power and perseverance, it is difficult for some old station ranking breakthrough to the home page, an old station I hand is so, so far has been optimized for more than 3 months, the ranking still stop to more than 60, no breakthrough:

old station ranking is stagnant, which if there is some reason? Therefore, I temporarily stopped the optimization work station, through the investigation and a series of experiments to find some reasons, finally have a clue. The following is divided into two aspects to share with you, why the old station ranking will stagnate.

(1) the appropriate deletion contains too many anchor text articles. It’s not too late. Although love Shanghai has been included and released from the database which contains too many anchor text articles, but we should know that love is not Shanghai will no longer have to crawl these articles, if we do not delete these articles, when a spider crawling over again when the article will once again find the anchor text, this is undoubtedly deepened love Shanghai offensive degree on our website so delete some articles is also useful.

(2) in the following work, try to make the anchor text of naturally occurring. That is, because of the excessive use of anchor text leads to excessive website optimization, ranking is stagnant, but not we no longer use the anchor text. We use the anchor text should be scientific and natural, such as "site optimization" this word at home today, we can put the "search engine optimization" this word to home tomorrow, in general is to do the anchor text diversity, not deliberately optimization of a word, but also not every article, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.

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