The Sina dictionary rapid increase YAHOO chain operation skills

as the saying goes, "content is king" and "the chain for emperor". Do a good job in the content of the premise, to make the site to get good rankings, so the chain of high quality and stability is very important. But now due to the weight of the chain forum more and more low, the blog group of building group can be K, so the chain has become a matter webmaster headache, I also like to chain the trouble. We all know that sina dictionary similar love Shanghai encyclopedia, the weight is very high, if you can leave a link in the Sina dictionary that is equal to get a high quality of the chain. Sina dictionary can quickly increase YAHOO chain, is out how to do it, let me introduce:


entry form YAHOO chain:

2 for the dictionary with pictures. The Internet is more, you can copy the website, also can find from the website, adding it. I like to do is to copy the "Navigator" dictionary, Encyclopedia of love Shanghai pictures.


4 an account edit entry, >

贵族宝贝cidian.iask.sina贵族宝贝.cn/article_browse.php title=

3 in order to prevent but can not add first link to add through the audit. I tried more than 20, but only one is the words may be less.

to pass through, should pay attention to the following points:

navigator?The injection .

1 editorial entries is not too short, general words more than 800 words. Because after my test, less than 800 words more sad, of course this is not absolute. If the number of words is not enough, as long as to find related words Guan Jian just copy a few hundred words over the line of.

first registered 2 to 3 Sina account (this depends on how much you want to do every day outside the chain, each account to do 3 to 5 as well, because too much may allow Sina to find and delete) then list your site related words Guan Jian (of course, can also use the word of Guan Jian, but the other Guan Jian words related to the quality of the chain is obviously higher)

the second landing Sina dictionary, create entries. Do you want to love Shanghai search sites related to the Guan Jian word encyclopedia entries, copy, paste, simple layout, connecting with your website, OK. Such as: Part I of " " and " price navigator; navigator " the two is a direct copy of love Shanghai Sina dictionary Encyclopedia " navigator; " following this entry:

贵族宝贝cidian.iask.sina贵族宝贝.cn/article_browse.php title= navigator


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