The novel station Keywords keywords is not so difficult to do

as a not too many assets of the grassroots, we should how to choose keywords, to maximize their own interests? Simple introduction below (mainly for the first, to do the title keywords)

two competition.

heat is very important, if you choose a day only 1000 search keywords, the estimation is white do. Of course, if you are a few words together, each keyword love Shanghai index one thousand or two thousand, the effect is good. In short, the ability to see it, if you have more money can be invested, a popular word is good.


2, the station name (less, usually with affiliated up)

Key words: heat Key words:

4, hot novel long tail words, such as energy-saving.

5, fake site, namely the use of popular fiction network station names as keywords clouds Pavilion, no advertising, creative literature etc..

is the basic of the five, third of which is more easily extended, expanded into a variety of anadjective keywords, such as free novel nets, energy-saving, good novels, reading novels and so on.

this is the key word selection strategy and direction. What is the potential? High potential words, no one to do, but you know it will fire, somewhat similar to that of a famous novel the end, he under the title of a book has not been released, but to tell you, this time, you get to work, is not very a potential advantage? If not, what way, it read the novel network points have a relatively simple way to tell you (for novel station), you can access the starting point and the aspect, look at their book list, ranked in the top three, to the love of Chinaz Shanghai index query and analysis, if the book the index of more than 1000, so it is worth a try. But it is also relatively one-sided view, a comprehensive look at potential words need to see more things, it is difficult to describe clearly, in short, all aspects of.

The key problem of

3, popular fiction title

competition is also a study of the key words. This is very important reference for a word has been discovered. The query method can be in the Google search keywords love Shanghai, mainly to see the URL is not the home link, if the majority is paging can also do, if there are more than 5 home in the word, the proposal to give up the word (many people do doesn’t mean you compete with others, but the people of the place here, as the user clicks, ranking will continue to rise, there is no advantage).


1, no advertising novel, all good fiction novels, with the adjective words

I know that the novel station keywords can do, is roughly the following:

Key words: three potential

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