Describe the role of the text

we all know, the weight of search engine he is passed through the link. The search engine is not intelligent, he is going to judge the core content of a website is not there will be a standard of his own, so he will be the anchor text in this standard standard.

then why? In fact, the situation is more because of his standing in the anchor text will make the keywords with relatively high weight final ranking. I don’t know if you are not careful to observe those keywords to optimize your we usually use what kind of form to let search attention to this word, and the word will have certain ranking. We can just take a stand to the test, take my own blog to do target keywords Liyang Shanghai dragon view. Then I in the course of the operation, in addition to the title and description of the site as far as possible the emergence of the word. It is not my home as much as possible to increase the density of the word, a link to the word and the best to appear in each article in the ocean of Shanghai dragon took on the home page. Of course, I do Links also used this target keywords to do session.


don’t know if you know what is the text description, everyone in the forum or some message that others can see click text into his website, in fact, is the meaning of text, text added to our website links, such as the description of the


we first give an example to illustrate the power of the anchor text is reflected in where? I don’t know if you search keywords in Shanghai love inside, have not been found including the title and description of the website have not appeared in your search keywords, but there is a very good ranking. According to the common sense, we should be unlikely. For the site of the Shanghai dragon, the title and description of relatively will occupy a certain weight, but also in a lot of optimization of Shanghai dragon training especially to emphasize the website label, for example website title is how to write the title, etc.. Here I am not saying that the title is not important, but a single title to the entire Shanghai dragon is not only.

is a small hint: how do we try to increase our anchor text keywords. In fact, we can do a anchor text link at the bottom of the website, the station link is we often say that the form. This benefit is: whenever a website for you to increase

then contact our Shanghai dragon perspective is also we often do most of the work? Such as our Links, for example, we go to the chain which are actually a reflection of the anchor text. Please don’t ignore is even our most of the site navigation is a kind of anchor text, some of these are the home link anchor text. As can be imagined our website will not lose the anchor text form. In fact, for the user’s point of view is also very reasonable, they may directly click on this link to let him interested in reading more content.

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