By mining the chain contribution caused by misappropriation

this is the respect for the author, does not change, not to go outside the chain. We are grateful for this reprint, generally the website had a certain degree of authority (of course there are certain individuals or small respect you or do not modify the content acquisition program), the news source nature of this site, we have to do is look at this website is not a function of registration and submission, analysis the Shanghai dragon family website data, even some of the platform can do friends chain and their own website. You can also visit several times for individual station or station (people included fast ranking good worth learning).

simple reprint

outside the chain just get rid of your links, the content is not changed; the time of the release link with their own or use signature links. The hair of the chain is widely exists in the Forum (A5 Forum), blogs (such as the Shanghai dragon blog), industry vertical (such as certain stationmaster net or so CMS Forum), the community (such as a community library, the electricity supplier industry) (such as love Shanghai, Douding road passenger Baba) platform etc.. For us, this is a good platform for the chain; the upper right corner to see there is no such thing as a "registered | login upload / I want to contribute such links. Now that included so fast, certainly these platforms high weight, to see which platform you have not used, so what, immediately incorporated into the chain Curitiba yourself.

first look at the misappropriation of our original articles are there? How should we own use. 37 network artificially divide them into simple type, only reproduced the chain type, changing type, type of plagiarism thoroughly. Of course, this situation may be several cross, and the weights of different search engines on the web site for different, make good use of various search engines, can maximize the chain resources to expand their.


must be in the A5 station network diligent writing, serious original writers have such experience: he worked hard to write the original article, after the submission of a audited by the Internet, there are a large number of reprint and excerpt even plagiarism. Reprint it, it is plagiarism, easily copy other people’s original name, delete, remove links, wholly intact themselves, posted on the Internet to add their own excellent web site outside the chain, the more people Speechless is search engine included plagiarism articles faster, better ranking. You said but not

Just send the chain type

what might change the point of view, since those who pursue the misappropriation of ISM, may we writers have come to a "copycat"; since they send the article included fast, the ranking is good, we can be completely indifferent? They can send the chain, we can send the chain; it should do well to investigate this problem.

changing area

this is to fine tune the original article, remove the original author and title tags, behoove also remove the original author links, and then changed his name. Such a situation in general.

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