Analysis of a large portal flow interception of popular Shanghai dragon strategy

Title: iphone4s _iPhone5 _iPhone

said the word hot flow, I think everyone will soon expect to obtain high flow short by hot topic or hot events in Shanghai dragon in this way is generally referred to as the interception of the flow, which is the use of Shanghai dragon way to obtain popular keywords ranking better in the short term, to get hot short term traffic. For example, the network often appear some topic of speculation, so it will lead to related keywords to the topic many people search for the fastest time of this kind of topic sensitive Shanghai dragon ER is usually in the topic in Shanghai Longfeng develop corresponding strategies to optimize these popular entries related to traffic the subject, or set up special, or writing, or directly to the home page title as popular keywords to optimize.

1, Jobs (贵族宝贝huanqiu贵族宝贝/zhuanti/tech/Jobs/

, a station optimization projectIn

Description: Recently, the United States Apple Corp CEO Jobs condition is worrying, the media exposed Jobs cancer, only six weeks of life time, more fans in micro-blog published the news of Jobs’s death, and continue to verify, Jobs situation how? Please read the latest reports of the

Title: Jobs Jobs died _ cancer _ Jobs disease _ resignation of Jobs


2, iPhone (贵族宝贝huanqiu贵族宝贝/zhuanti/tech/iphone5/)

global network technology!

analysis of today’s example is a large news portal – global network (PR8, Alexa No. 373), their projects in Shanghai Longfeng do is very good, this is the case in the recent popular time with a typical representative of Shanghai Longfeng intercept traffic, we think it is worth doing so for the Shanghai dragon reference. The two topic recently very popular for the simple analysis of their topics, these two keywords are a hot topic that is iPhone and Jobs. First look at the design of their two topics, I mainly from the station optimization and stood outside the optimization analysis of the two blocks, two blocks and Shanghai dragon optimization priority among priorities.


Description: iPhone5 will undoubtedly become the most concern of the intelligent mobile phone in 2011. Each generation of iPhone before the debut with a veil of mystery, iPhone5 how much time to market, iPhone5 price? How iPhone5 configuration function? IPhone5 listed on the world stage will bring what kind of sensation, please pay attention to the iPhone5 special report on global network technology


issued a special area

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