From the Google search algorithm at Shanghai Longfeng trade website optimization only keyword stuffi

algorithm and the penguin panda story tells us that Google’s choice is the permanent cessation of black hat practices, their focus is "to give the user quality content, in the search engine optimization rules, they are trying to find a more perfect user experience algorithm. We must find out the optimization of foreign trade website Google search temperament, and when Google search are trying to find a more advanced algorithm can reflect the user experience when the website builder to complete the website meaning only through shortcut keyword stuffing way without any reason.

from the user experience level, the foreign trade website.

search engine with the function of continuous improvement, the keyword still plays a big role in the rankings, but many search engines are in a direction of improvement is how to improve the user experience, just relying on keywords, long tail keywords stack can realize the website high ranking, apparently has become a gap in search engine the development of the road, including other Google search engine is being explored, how to identify "true order high quality content" to achieve the quality of website ranking.

search engine optimization is no longer just numbers and statistics, but a part of the network society more complete

primary decision site ranking factors

is the

search engine is no longer just a search engine, consumers can have more ways to realize the search, you can according to the text or graphic information search, if your site has quality content, also have a more "boost ranking" rights.

company, a foreign trade website, do search engine optimization at the time of the plan, do not just the key word, but a large ecological network optimization, you will no longer be considered your site itself, but when you put the website in the network world, existence value the site, is a rely on data to improve the mechanical ranking of the existence, or one in the network world everywhere, everywhere has the effect with high quality figure real existence.

foreign trade website Shanghai dragon is not an optimal formula, not one has established rules of the game, you can not apply the rules of the game through, collect all the keywords, again using the keywords stack to improve website ranking, Shanghai dragon is not your solution to the optimization process of a formula can complete the correct answer, though understanding and analyzing the data for each keyword to optimize Shanghai Longfeng does exist great value, but all you can calculate "like law, represent the general trend" can you manipulate search engine optimization, and can only become one of the most valuable strategy.

five years ago, a year ago, or even a month before the search engine optimization is different from that of today, Google algorithm each year up to more than 600 times of change, an average of two days, Shanghai Longfeng optimization not just the "keyword" optimization and construction, it is a huge the project.


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