High weight of soft Wen instantly improve your website snapshot love Shanghai

in snapshot stay in half a month after the August 1st, in order to quickly enhance the website snapshot, we bought the station link 10 PR3, but until now, I just feel that buying links, simply do nothing to play, also lead to their www without snapshot stay No. 21, Shanghai love spiders also not included, all of this is simply a tragedy.

said that we are not that sick ah, every day snapshot and included is the second, why invite bitter to eat, but my explanation is very simple, a good Shanghai dragon, are used in practice to prove himself, not by mouth, only you try, your own experience accumulation is not broken, can do better and better row >

said many people here will ask why my website snapshot 1 months behind, my heart is still very clear, because the site is in April when the station, beginning with the zblog to do the station, snapshot and included in that is not to say, the article basically is the second but, in order to practice their Shanghai dragon, my team and I take this website to do the test, in the site after 3 months, we will master the procedures for dedecms, but the site keywords and web page description, without modification, the original zblog data is still preserved, that is to say I now the site is the 1 station 2 procedures in support, one is ASP, one is PHP, in the program second day home page love Shanghai is updated, Dede program into the home page, every day also included is still maintained, but we have A fatal mistake, that is in the chain, choose WWW and without www released at the same time, initially did not feel what is not good, until a week after the love of Shanghai, focused on the domain name without the WWW above, and is also a snapshot every day, but with WWW on the tragedy, the snapshot always stay in August 1st, do we also have no way, had to do in the chain stop without WWW, all the chain is released on WWW,

is a high quality of soft, it can instantly enhance love Shanghai snapshot, at first I did not believe, but when I opened the computer today, see their website snapshot love Shanghai is September 6th, it really makes me not to say, snapshot of the station, I tried the approach can be described as either. From the content of the quality (half half of original, pseudo original, acquisition, or never) Links, basically can do, I did not doubt, but the website snapshot, but always stay in August 1st, oh, today is September 7th, Shanghai love spiders have 1 months to pay no attention to me the station.

today I (a5id straw God) this article is out, let those who are for the website snapshot love Shanghai is low, and the endless chain of friends, but the website snapshot but always keep up with the webmaster friends used to reference and learning, I with my own examples to give everybody to speak.

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