Shanghai Longfeng primary optimization personnel how to grasp the learning process of Shanghai Drago

, for beginners to understand the search engine related technology and principle. This is the most fundamental, as a webmaster, I think we in this area, the first key to study and understand the knowledge is the basic principle of search engine, we know the search engine is crawls through the web page content and link address, since the index information base has, by comparing a variety of their own the analysis of the proposed algorithm for sorting to capture information, finally get the search results we see, everyone wants their website ranking in front position, in the end how search engines work? How to capture, indexing, sorting us to understand this process through the study of the basic principle of search engine, we must make clear the bottom what can we sublimate their own technology, can be carried out on the basis of targeted play.

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we know that an early entry into Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, how can we effectively shorten the learning time of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to enhance learning efficiency, is not eager to learn and master a lot of concern, as a qualified personnel optimization, we do a good job in the daily work on the basis of the content and the chain, must to find the most effective way to learn Shanghai dragon in the root, the author talk about their views on Shanghai Longfeng learning, I hope to attract.

second, some basic skills to the production site. The process of search engines is by the way links, as a site, structure and layout of internal links is directly affecting the extraction of effective information for spider Guantanamo, how to carry out the layout for the website structure, to conduct detailed adjustment for links, these will be the most basic effect of spider crawling the problem, secondly, important information to determine the site with some weight markers can help the search engine as soon as possible, and these are the basis of the code and need to be paving the way for the establishment of skills, only understand and familiar with the search engine using the code language, in order to effectively communicate better and for their services, so the construction site is to understand the basic skills of second points.

third, learning through effective analysis for website data. The data analysis is our understanding of user behavior in third eyes, through the basic data website we can understand all kinds of existing factors how to influence Shanghai Longfeng flow, mining more factors and depend on the ability of. The scientific system of the Shanghai dragon analysis process, from A to Z all cannot do without the support of data. The details include system analysis, website traffic sources, each search keywords, website traffic from search engines and accounting, user access time, page flow and residence time, statistical software has a very powerful statistical function, on this basis, I have through their own thinking for effective information extraction, and statistics comparison can get some valuable information, this information will be our subsequent optimization of " " and " guiding light; ".

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