Small and medium sized enterprises should focus on the site optimization of long tail keywords

most of the website optimization company, to provide customers with website optimization services, are optimized for a few key words, the optimization methods like a swarm of bees like, will inevitably lead to a result: the homogenization of serious, intense competition. For customers, the fierce competition means increased the cost of optimization, and the effect is reduced, which is a dead end". So this optimization is not sustainable, the price will be more lower, when the price is not up to the time of PPC, customers naturally turned to Shanghai for sex. This may also be the reason people do not worry about love Shanghai optimization! Because optimization to a certain extent will inevitably have to do the bidding……


in every industry, has recognized the standard keywords, for example, a keyword is a hotly contested spot, for "electric welding net" is the industry standard of the main keywords, like Tang, everyone wants to bite! So fierce competition is often different as can be imagined. If you want to accomplish something in such key words above, do the top, it is larger. Shanghai love home position only 10 places, but the welded wire mesh products manufacturers have tens of thousands of, if we are to compete in this word, most people will eventually hurt

website optimization as a new way of network promotion, is attracting more and more people’s attention, many enterprises have begun to try to optimize the way through the website to promote their products, some enterprises to employ professional website optimization, and even set up a team.


website optimization "dead end" problem? Need to find answers in the long tail keywords efforts.

! How to hack

long tail keywords can not only give website bring huge traffic, more important is to optimize the operation is very simple, do not even need to do with their own website, send the information in the other high weight information platform can do love Shanghai home (such as love, Shanghai know) the cost advantage is very clear.

careful you may pay attention to the site visit statistics, in general, the long tail keywords to web proxy traffic can usually be accounted for more than 50%, even up to 90%, the long tail keywords can not be ignored!

recently encountered a customer consultation, ask about how to send the chain site optimization is more effective, so share with them some views. Their company is now only two website optimization and technical personnel, before the company hired a dozen salesman all removed. Although the overall volume of business now is less than before, but the net profit increased. Talking about network marketing, he repeated the maximum sentence is: "e-commerce really can reduce operating costs, a little Ma Yun said yes!"

for small and medium enterprises, website optimization should not stare industry after all the main keywords, too, should be in the center of the site optimization of long tail keywords efforts, this is a

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