Shanghai Longfeng personal experience on website optimization


The first The

for the novice, veteran can skip. The new site for three or four months, after this period of time, the Shanghai dragon optimization also has some experience here for my site to talk about what I do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience.

traffic to the site or from love Shanghai, at present our web traffic to 70 percent in Shanghai love, do three months, the daily flow at three hundred or four hundred IP. Although the flow is small, but I still have a lot of confidence, confidence is the most important to do optimization, but also able to endure patiently, I in the optimization period once a week was not love Shanghai included, the snapshot is not updated, then it is every day to see love Shanghai, find the cause of the problem in every day, finally to be loved Shanghai reincluding, the specific process behind the talk.

website, this is the best original do not have to say, not the original false original, pseudo original points, one point is the title, also is the content, the title must be changed, the content will be converted to the front, behind can not be changed. Now I love Shanghai site was included is not much, probably because of gender website, duplicate content is on the one hand, may also cause love Shanghai offensive content. This is still in research.

All The

optimization website keywords, this needless to say, looking for keywords to find the best with this keyword website weight low, so your website optimization is also easy, ranking will be faster in front, I do not do well, the key is still relatively popular, but has been done, also can’t be changed the fear of punishment, love Shanghai. Keywords the number is not too much, too much to love Shanghai punishment.

network of Shanghai Longfeng article out, I think Shanghai Longfeng article only takes its essence, which is specific to the part of an article is the essence of Shanghai dragon, for the novice is each one according to his lights. This method can not the whole letter, after all, their practice is their experience. On the network text or a lot, some is not reliable, after all, the optimization is a long time, who said that a short time site traffic but also is the site or to get the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, do.

finally talk about my love Shanghai punishment experience, a collection of more than 300 began to love Shanghai, I had a love of Shanghai "

again is the chain, the chain is the key of the key, this is a lot of articles also mentioned, my keyword ranking has improved, but also the relationship of the chain, one can start blogging or outside the chain of love Shanghai, will be well reproduced, no doubt this is equal to the others to give you do promotion. The chain can not increase too fast, I also see others the article, the chain increased too fast can be K specific, I have not tried, a few days increase, but also slowly growth. You can also use a certain amount of growth outside the chain of tools, the number of tools do not use too much, two or three times a day is enough. The blog also has the corresponding tool with a tool to do blog links each blog on its own, people visit, visit your website, this is a good way to increase traffic.

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