Teach you how to add some methods included love Shanghai

) add some high quality of the chain, so as to improve the site in Shanghai in search of love


) as far as possible to ensure that the space used by the host site quality, so as to avoid reducing the user experience


sometimes love Shanghai not included in the website, or how much content is included in the website according to the website the weights of the decision, when your site weight is higher, the love of Shanghai on your website to close when the content of nature also can be 2; on the contrary, if your site weight is low, then love Shanghai included your website content is only less natural and not much; therefore, to improve the sea love included, only a lot of webmaster release some of the high quality of the chain, or add some more high quality Links so as to enhance the weight of the website, as long as your site weight up, we naturally do not afraid of stationmaster Shanghai problems included

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in addition, owners in addition to improve website content quality, in fact, for updated website, it is best to find a fixed time every day to update the site, because of love love love Shanghai more regularly updated website, as long as you adhere to the site updated, became a regular love love Shanghai website. Love is so natural Shanghai will greatly enhance the speed and the number of measurement included the content on your site


as one of the range of user experience, site use space to host quality has always been an important data love assessment of Shanghai website, after all, a good quality and stable.

love Shanghai included rules like Google, Google, how much is your website content, it included much content, but also in the collection of speed is also much faster than the love of Shanghai, although it is exaggerated, but it is an indisputable fact. But the love of Shanghai is different, the content of the website is slow, but also included in the number is not too stable, but want to whether it included many well and no, after all the website included the amount of relations with our website can get much traffic from Shanghai love there, that our webmaster exactly how to improve the amount collected love Shanghai? The following is I fall in love with some experience on how to improve the sea the amount collected, now officially to all the webmaster to share

first) we want to improve the website content quality, and update the

webmaster want to improve website in Shanghai included the amount of love, so webmaster first thing to do is to improve the quality of the content of the website, why? Because of the high quality content to improve the importance of love Shanghai included I do not have much to say, must have you all already know, as long as your original content quality is high enough, then Shanghai will love your website collect more content. Therefore, if you can, when updating the content in the webmaster send more original content, if it is not the way to find the original content, so when collecting other web content, it is better to modify it, try to make the collection from the content to the pseudo original effect of

weight! website!

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