Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools beta version of the official opening

all the webmaster,

rejected outside the chain of tools address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/inboundremove/index


2, the tool is currently beta version, the follow-up will feature upgrades, welcome to submit feedback.

is currently the tool chain categories support the main domain, site, directory and page these several forms, you can choose to refuse categories before using this tool.

domain is registered in the DNS domain name, such as: example贵族宝贝; site is refers to the root > Website

The announcement is as follows:

rejected outside the chain of tools function:

The Reminder:

if you have links to purchase, the mass of the chain, linked to the black chain operation tried to search engine ranking of cheating, we cannot guarantee to get rid of the negative effect in a short time the chain of garbage on your site, it takes weeks or longer to verify, please wait patiently.

March 1st, Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools on-line beta, using the tools webmaster can delete low quality junk links within the site. Love Shanghai launched Scindapsus aureus algorithm in February, will be clear that the link trading platform, trading links, links such as cheating website links to control the conduct of combat to Shanghai dragon. A part of the link trading platform and trading website link behavior and link spam site is down right. Love Shanghai said, will encourage the site to bring more high-quality content, by improving the user experience and high quality natural link website optimization. Refused to launch outside the chain of tools will be more clear for the love Shanghai link optimization attitude. Remind the webmaster website optimization.

This tool highlights:

station network (www.admin5贵族宝贝) March 20th news, March 19th, Shanghai love announced after a period of time online, love Shanghai webmaster tools – beta version of the official rejected outside the chain of tools for the whole network open. Owners only need to complete the test site in Webmaster Platform can use the tool.

is pleased to announce that Shanghai refused to love the webmaster tools chain tool beta version after the beta, from today to all open website. After all the site to complete the verification in Shanghai Webmaster Platform, can use the tool convenient.

1, Shanghai officially launched the first love rejected outside the chain of tools. If you find the number of links pointing to your site, such as the low quality of false spam links is considerable, and may have a negative impact on the site, and is difficult to pass through the other way to delete spam links, can be used to delete the chain tool.

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