You do not know the small industry website to make moneySmall brother 9 ways to make money blog summ

method 1: training PR value, sell links

method two: the formation of blog group, sell advertising,

the fourth step: when the hands of a dozen, will be able to link some professional trading site links to sell information about the trial, if you have 30 stations, each station 10 links, each link average selling 20 yuan terms, you can easily keep 6000 a month.

10 Internet marketing software: most fight strength is in addition to sales, marketing class software studio, a year sales of tens of millions, quickly recommend to the relevant user groups, these software download sites in each trial, business model is very simple, the demand for the purchase, often occupy the download list, a the network and download industry websites often see.

at present the link transaction market is extremely hot, sells the link also to become one of stationmaster’s main income, because links the value and the PR value corresponds, the PR value is higher, the price also is higher. Some owners are optimistic about the market, professional selling website links, can also reach a monthly income of million. Although a single link only sell tens of dollars, but if there are dozens of hundreds of websites sell together, believe that income can not be discounted. The PR value of the website can be cultivated by means of station and station. If you have a PR6 site, it’s easier to take a few PR3-pr5 sites. The little black brother summed up professional selling links is how to achieve monthly income of million yuan.

because blog get started quickly, set up simple, training the PR value is relatively easy, through group build blog way, professional sell links is a good method.

first step: you can invest and buy links to train high PR sites, at least PR6.

second step: with a high PR site, there are capital and other websites do cross links, drive other sites PR value. Generally bring out five or six PR3-PR5 sites, or can.

second step: pull to advertising position, at the same time put advertising or soft text, advertising income 10 people share.

blog profit problem has plagued everyone, at present few professional blogging long-term money, I believe that most people write blogs are out of their own interests, is not directed to the blog to make money. The potential of the blog hasn’t really been tapped yet. But it’s possible to add extra revenue to blogging, and the 9 ways blogging makes money, both now and in the future, apply. But earn more and less, but also depends on the flow of blog, the quality of the article, industry visibility and other related conditions.

a person’s blog may flow, >

because personal blog traffic is not high, want to pull advertising is not easy. If more than a dozen blogs are formed as a whole, it will be easy to pull advertisements. Explain the specific steps below.

the third step: use your hands on these sites, and to drive the new station, this hand on the accumulation of Many a little make a mickle., a large number of PR3-PR6 sites.

, the first step: find ten content, traffic, user groups almost blog, reached a cooperation agreement, the establishment of a blog alliance to pull advertising.

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