mprove the analysis of the six kinds of website user experience

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website to improve the user experience, it must be started with content, because the content is the ultimate user browsing, users find the required source information. For the content of the quality but the determinants of user experience. In fact, the website optimization is also focused on the content, after all users access to the site is mainly to see the content. So, only in the content of good user experience, in order to fundamentally improve the user experience, although some web site navigation function, also need to set up, but the content is the most critical. Improve the user experience, allowing users to stick on the site, only in the content under the foot, to have a better grasp of. Today I talk about what can improve the user experience, stick to the user:

see text content most easily users feel fatigued. But if some introductory content is even more so, the lack of pictures and pictures of that quality is different. Or take the entertainment content for example, for entertainment content, everyone can.

is the actual content of the data

of the whole text, without any data to fully explain the content, is not good, even if the content is wonderful, also can make the most of the users feel visual fatigue. I have tested, through the investigation of friends, most do not love to see the text content, such as data with Chinese characters said, cannot obtain the user’s heart. Like this: expression of general digital 99% this must be ninety-nine percent more popular with users. After all, the user is not the auditor is not necessary for the text you want to use a unified format, and for numbers, each user has a full of love. Just like NBA data, love watching games are particularly concerned about its digital. So, no matter what, to illustrate the use of actual data should be necessary, one can make users feel real, and will not make it too boring.



can enable users to relax the content can definitely improve the user experience, why so many users love to use forums, chat on QQ? The most important reason is to ease the tension at work. So to improve the user experience, so some can relax tense nerves, users can eliminate fatigue of the content is the most popular. Why is the entertainment event so popular? Because it has a relaxing effect, many entertainment content are described by a lively text, so it will not have a depressed psychological users when browsing content. But because these are always after often talk about the topic, naturally welcomed by the majority of users. So, even if we have fun, but there are others, such as the use of light pleasure of writing, this article written will not digress, but also allows users to browse the relaxed mood, too easy to stick to the user.

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