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believes that the website optimization friends all know the importance of links, whether inside or outside the chain chain, can be said that the website ranking one of the most important factors is the link. Here I mainly talk about the topic is about the external links, external links to the interval here is very small, mainly is the chain of how to buy links, I believe many of my friends have links to purchase experience, but if you know how to make the purchase link role of the most significant? In my opinion, a lot of friends don’t understand this, the author on how to buy some links to talk about their own experience.


everyone in the purchase before the link should need to clear their own needs to buy link types, of course this is based on their website and the impossible is clearly his own novel station to buy a business site, so irrelevant link function is very little, to put it crudely, it is a waste of money. We also know the importance of the correlation of the chain, so in the purchase of the chain must first determine the type of good, don’t just buy temporary.

link PR this is all very care about, a lot of new friends is to buy PR5, PR6 link, the PR is not the higher the better, if your website PR or 0, you can buy a lot of high PR links, this is also very natural, the author suggests appropriate buy some high PR, also want to buy some PR is not very high on the website of the link, this is more favorable. The author here to remind you to beware of buying hijacked PR link, you can query can use Adsense helper network link query tool.

links included snapshot

1 and PR value of the link

we all want to buy links of quality links is better, so the link effect is more obvious, so how are we to judge whether a link is high quality? The main factor to predict the following three aspects:

elements to put on the first point, the keywords ranking large programs that are of high quality weight of the link, of course, if the link on the home page keyword ranking the best, if not at home also does not matter, you should try to ensure that keyword ranking >

two, link quality

, a type of site


the author at the time of purchase is very fancy, especially a snapshot. I usually buy links included in 3000-5000, snapshot General requirements in three days or so, try to choose a snapshot of those links. Don’t pick the snapshot a month behind the link, the link basically not what. The best is also concerned about the modified links included, nearly a month of nearly a week included and so on, don’t buy those links for a month are not included in the content.

3, link keyword ranking


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