nfluence the website included 6 normal reason

content update frequency


4, the website structure

3, the quality of the content of

a website content quality will also affect included, if a new copy content can easily be K or drop right. If the readability is very poor may be three or four months only included dozens of pages. The quality of included page opening speed, similarity, readability, value added, if a product is not the same as the other pages in addition to the picture content is the same call, or only a few parameters are not the same, so this page quality is also very poor, certainly included will be very bad. The second is the window, window advertising, consulting these will also affect the pages included.

lot of Shanghai Longfeng for their website why so little included fear or worry about their new 2 months why also included a few pages, even some websites for a long time has been included in a number of changes. Why is this? I try to explain what is the reason.

1, in the assessment period of the new station

for a enterprise stand for more than 3 layers of the page it is difficult to be included, because the love of Shanghai think an enterprise station located on the fourth floor or below the content is not important, so our small business >

this is for sure, the greater the website included the frequency of updates will be more. Within the industry of the update, then the update frequency will be included, more than the amount of the updates included will be difficult to increase. For example, a machinery industry website, the industry is not a day to update dozens of articles, 3 days or 5 days to update it, love Shanghai will go to collect these articles. If you go to update 30 articles a day, you will be more than 3 days to update the site a site contains more, but others may be included in a week, you a week included 3. It is a waste of time to do so, even if we are not in accordance with industry demand blindly update is easily identifiable as cheating.

from Shanghai after the love Scindapsus algorithm for the new station included more and more strict, generally a new station included home within a week. Page 2 weeks later will continue slowly included, and included the inside pages is very slow, 2 months may be in front of the only included several pages. If an enterprise station may need 2 months to start included dozens, several of my new sites are like this. A new assessment period is 3 months, 3 months included is not significantly increased. But if the website is done well, this will not affect the main keywords ranking. Besides the inside pages also affects only the long tail word ranking, and the long tail word ranking in 3 months ranking is very difficult. So for the assessment period of new sites included less do not need to worry about, as long as the focus content of the Never mind. Of course, if the new content is over copy or quality is very poor, so is the probability of K is very big.

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