We love Shanghai more than 20 reasons only the inside pages included not included home page

three, home no Links, often lead to love Shanghai spiders crawl

is not afraid of stationmaster friends joke, my website with IP reached more than 100, while the price of space rent is low, but really good, I installed a test software website for more than 20 days, only two times break, so you can exclude the website server because of inferior website I think the reason included, this is the same site too much about IP. I just on the same IP part of the site was analyzed, found that many sites have been K, indicating that the search engine may think this IP problem and not included in the website.

, a web pages link to diversification, build links to

a new web site to build, if not buy a link, then I don’t think what the website is willing to exchange with Links, so that my new website is the same, the line to now has no Links, in fact Links has many benefits, can from the other site directly into a lot of home page links, website the lack of Links is perhaps the website home page was not search engine included, I think it’s time for the site to find a few Links.

site from the start line to now, every article of my hair is experienced such a program: Website – released from other sites with links to the inside pages, that is to say every article I have experienced a collection of other sites, but also links inside pages I want to link within the pages of this site and included a great relationship, and I also love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar library also established some links to the inside pages, pages link to the website for the search engine spiders to diversification, the content of the site value.

website from the line up to now has been 20 days, but the website has not included, but the inside pages of the site have more keywords ranking, what is the reason for this situation? Through the analysis, the author of his website summed up several reasons, with the following a talk, hope to be able to let some webmaster have some reference.

this site’s domain name is registered, the love of Shanghai from June to now has changed his own, I have launched two sites, on-line method as before, but the two are not included on the front page of the site, can be seen from the Shanghai love search engine also appeared on stage I love Shanghai, the study period should be more than a month’s time, if your site a month have not been included, I think the webmaster should try to change a site to operate.


two, new website, Shanghai also has the

is a web site.

has five pages, keyword ranking,

website development and stability of love The

four, IP site on the same website too much, affected the weight of the first page of

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