Using tag tags to do long tail keywords to make your site flow through


(pictured above is the editor of URL TAG pseudo static screenshot)

is the use of TAG web site long tail keywords is very simple. For example, we have an article titled "QQ non mainstream girl head with words," we issued a column in the QQ head, then we can add TAG tag through the website backstage editor, in which to add "QQ QQ non mainstream girl head, head, head of these girls with the word" TAG label (Tip: you can add more than one oh). So after we generate the page will find "QQ QQ non mainstream girl head, head, head girl with words" so the three TAG tags, and after opening the site is displayed in the default column form, and the address is TAG tag spiders can grab included, but in order to help your small series suggest that the TAG pseudo static look oh.

about the above TAG included, but we do its ultimate purpose is to pass the URL website to do some related long tail keywords, get in search engine ranking, and get traffic, so how do we go to the ranking and flow by using these TAG tags? The following small detail for you to explain.

in the picture below is a small series of analysis of the personalized network of the website data.

As for the optimization of

for these TAG tags, and in fact our daily optimization methods are the same, we can use the site within the chain form, and the form of the chain to promote our TAG label, the better the spider crawling. In addition we can.


is a high collection of Web sites for included a normal site of 194W, and increase the site included the continues. However, today Xiaobian regardless of other factors, the main analysis of individual TAG tags. I believe many cattle often stand, most of them will find that they are using TAG tags to do some optimization of long tail keywords, including I recently do website also have a TAG label, and the site of the static URL, which is beneficial to our website collection of Oh, we all know the ranking is under the premise of the collection, so be sure to do pseudo static work.

believe that the word "TAG" label many webmaster friends have heard, but the real effect and advantage is not very clear, Xiaobian today with the actual case to explain the benefits for you to analyze TAG and how to use TAG tags to do long tail key words, bring us the flow, finally some wise remark of an experienced person bring benefits.


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