The enterprise website operation optimization of Shanghai Longfeng always believe that adversity m

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and the many friends is also engaged in the operation optimization of nearly two years so I have deep sympathy and compassion, the operation of workers from dawn to dusk, sleep late than pigs earlier than roosters, is often synonymous with our webmaster, of course, in the process of this period of work in joy have trouble, because the ranking increased feel proud and excited when the site is down right and feel unhappy, we are ordinary people difficult to do the ancient people say not pleased not to have compassion realm, we have to bite the bullet on the road again, in spite of many difficulties and setbacks, who let us is the webmaster, who let us in such a very careful occupation. Since we have chosen to take, against the sun before we see the sun, I believe that adversity makes a strong.

site optimization practitioners are a large part of work in the enterprise, of course, also have their own independent owners do their own station operation in recent years, with the development of electronic commerce and many small and medium enterprises also have been involved in the Internet, e-commerce in the current domestic development is still not mature, the current site optimization personnel dragons and fishes jumbled together. Uneven, in small and medium-sized enterprises, leading to the current search optimization of this competition is increasingly fierce, how to compete in the top honours, in an invincible position, as a member of the operation optimization of enterprises have to face deep meditation.

first, the content of the first to seriously and carefully. This paper is mainly reflected in the content, the content of the article to the high quality of the original article, just before I heard the article brought a modified 30% different will be included, but now this time, I think that this strategy has been unable to please the search engine, to confess to write seriously, the first step should be familiar with the company’s products around the different characteristics of products can be organized in many articles, it can be a specific operation, product features can dig deep to write an article, imagine a product should be a lot of features, each product is different, according to the US Shanghai dragon Er can make a fuss, so some people think that it is difficult to write original articles I beg to differ,, is the key to your heart to find, find out its unique place in their own language organization. This update requires not only quality but also the timing point in time, this is also a points, you don’t.

At present many Website optimization operation of

and share my two years in the process of Web site operators engaged in a little sad and sentiment, I mainly want to from the technical level and learning together, in this competitive era, how to open our market on the Internet, how to win a chip in website optimization. The operation optimization as a few years ago only hair soft, do outreach, regularly update articles can have better performance in the search engine, with the major search engine algorithm is improving, for our play space has become more and more narrow, several key points I talk about the business station optimization in the process of operation and now.

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