Since the independence of Shanghai Longfeng share

It is important to fill

do love to do Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia is a bit difficult, but also has some time period, an audit is relatively loose, and some time when the audit is too harsh, what is more wouldn’t let you through, it is recommended that you do other Wiki to recommend, and encyclopedia. The weight is not low, for everyone to see me to do it and the Encyclopedia of fountain station.

The importance of the original

here I don’t need to say it, when the fountain station update took me a long time, because it is not familiar with the industry, did not write the article, this time to collect some of this article some libraries, check not included, not included is equivalent to the original, and then use their own words to write some original articles at the beginning of the end, a complete.

(2.) site over the review period, you can increase the amount of the chain, the sooner to put the rankings do go up, do the high weight of the chain, it needs to be stressed to introduce.

new station on the line before the station more plate to try to complete, the best place to update the original, so to the search engine is a very friendly impression on later in the station of the collection and keywords ranking have a significant role.

The 3. part of the chain of


the last two months with a full-time station since the feeling and learned a lot, just began to connect is a fountain station and a single page website about weight loss, I am in the network company, ranking is the time, now fountain station keywords stable in the home has a month’s time do stand fast; diet for two weeks, just over when the snapshot is 3-15, I was just checking the time snapshot has been updated to 4-10, although there is no ranking, but the sign of a good phenomenon, the following will give us that how I do this.

(1) website just started doing a day outside the chain don’t do too much, to some weight high places such as forum, A5L forum, webmaster webmaster forum led a spider on it.

2. update the original articles to be high, very high

1. in the front of the new station on the line

stick to do library and video "hands are grasping with both hands", the chain high weight in addition to do to take into consideration the Encyclopedia of Library and video, here to recommend a library website – 360 library and video website, broadcast as a network of 360 libraries, when uploading tips the document, can build a separate folder, the folder named to the optimization of the web site, so you don’t have to add the URL in the document, one can not only solve the problem of user experience, and solves the chain not shown the problem "in domain

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