See the network marketing execution environment from Sun Tzu

I have to Lee, Peter Lee, to fight.

can I go, he can pay for it.

in the marketing operation, are likely to encounter some.

customers will inevitably lead to some extreme phenomena, such as no matter what, or what if not, or three minutes of heat and so on, for these customers is difficult to fully meet their needs, so you can try to do marketing and development according to their preferences, but also to make the loss of customers psychological preparation.

The core areas generally do not easily enter the rival

, but if it entered will not hesitate, various measures should not violate current laws can be used, may lose, but if not as will lose even worse, and win will make a bowl full piaoman.

especially in the early stage of the market, we are staking, this time without fierce confrontation in the market blank area, to see who can attract more customers, based on fully effective market research, increase investment to attract customers, such as micro-blog marketing at present as season, it is all the fist exhibition.

market development, scope, avoid to enter competitors or, in order to prevent competitors eroded, attack is the best way. For example, have been used to do the forum, can open a shop to understand what kind of method leads to good feedback from their customers, gradually erode the attitude, avoid the use of large-scale investment in marketing.

currently appears on the network a lot of convenience companies net sales platform, such as Taobao, QQ, Jingdong and even mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom have launched online payment platform, all these platforms Gexianshentong, customer and market development.

the princes of three genera, and go to the world for all, to Qu.

people of deep and dorsal cities more, for heavy.

Sun Tzu said "only the law, there are scattered, there is light, there is a dispute, have to pay, there are heavy, Quzhou, have destroyed, a compound with death". Any business activity has its specific environment in network marketing also need to pay attention to the specific environment, if the companies as one of the princes, so we can see a lot of network marketing needs according to the execution environment, using different strategies.

since the war the princes, for.

land is not deep into people, for the light.

in the business environment, is in their own third of an acre, in their own products or services, in their own way of marketing, business marketing in their customer base, focus on ensuring the quality of the product or service does not appear dramatic changes, such as customer recognition forum introduction, if you want to use the mail recommended must be careful.

forest, swamp, dangerous, and difficult road, is difficult to.

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